New to MVC 3


So I just got this game about a week ago. Is all fun and flashy and fast so I like it. Got to playing online and it all went downhill from there, my team consist of Morrigan with the meter assist, Trish with the floor trap assist, and Tron with the drill rush assist. I noticed those 3 really don’t have a team connection with a team super so I stopped doing that. But that isn’t the point, the point is what do I do to beat sentinel, hulk, ironman, dante, and deadpool? Sentinel and Hulk basically just waits until I decide to attack so they can combo me, if I use my range moves then they either spam lasers or gamma charge at me.
Ironman is really hard for Morrigan since my approach is always aerial. Dante and deadpool in the same team ALWAYS makes me lose, the whole gun-gun-gun-super gun (lands it)-dante guns-back to deadpool -gun-gun game is really frustrating. I sometimes beat Deadpools with Tron but is not easy since she is kind of big. Any suggestions?
Also, how can I block/punish characters that teleport behind me?


I’m having similar problems. Everytime I vs Sentinel I lose, which is just about every other match. I just have no idea how to fight him. Dante and Deadpool are also problems for me. More so Deadpool than Dante.


If only there was a section on this forum for MVC3… Oh wait.


I posted here because I’m a newb at this game. Which kind of makes sense this being the “newb” section.


This is a newbie question, hence why it was posted in this forum…

If you ask similar questions on the mvc3 boards they send you here.


Same here

Ya man, i’m a noob to this too. Probably more than you. I bought a fightstick a week ago and am getting used to it. It’s nice after 3 days, but I still can’t figure out how to play effectively in mvc3, connecting combos and stuff. Im currently trying Wesker/Dante/Trish, Dante/Trish/Sent, Dante/Wesker/Sent


And that’s totally fine. But the information is on the site. He/she just needs to read a bit in the respective character forums. There is a difference between asking a question and just plain being lazy.