new to mvc

It’s a pretty popular game with a lot of people, but not with me because … I just don’t understand the game. For fighting games, I’m used to a slower pace. Yet some people do “get it” when it comes to games like MvC or TvC.
So I’d like to know if anyone in SRK forums can convince me to start to notice mvc3.

Depends, how prone are you to rage?

If that is my style of playing… it isn’t. I don’t think that’s a good approach.
How do mvc players pick up this game? What do they notice the game? How does it all get started?

First of all the MVC3 strategy guide is a noob’s best friend. This strategy guide is one of the best fighting game guides i have ever seen.

Second, You need to understand mix-ups/cross ups, or the act of forcing your opponent to block multiple ways. And also learn to block mix-ups.

Another thing MVC and other versus games have that street fighter doesn’t, is team composition. There are obviously some characters that benefiet more from some character’s assits like most rushdown style characters (wolverine) paired with Akuma’s Tatsu assit.

The best way to learn MVC is find someone who already knows how to play it, and ask them to teach you. If this is not an option, than the guide book and numerous videos on the internet are the way to go. Also as far as learning bnb combos, the mission mode that MVC3 has is made to teach you basic combos.

If you end up getting the game for xbox 360, i would be happy to attempt to teach you some basics.

basically instead of controlling space with one character and his/her pokes, you control this space with your character you control [sometimes called “on point”] and possible 2 assists. Due to the fact that you can do anything you want besides switch out and some other things during these assists, the game can really get fast paced and frantic. Add on special moves, hyper moves, etc that stay on screen, and DHCs, and confusion and chaos is abound!

Movement options in MVC3 are also numerous. There are character specific fast airdashes, slow airdashes, ground dashes that can be canceled into other things like attacks or crouching/more dashing or jumps, your normal walking, jumping, etc, super jumping, and then character specific moves that also move the character.

combining space control with hitboxes and movement options allow you to create mixup situations. high/low, cross up, etc. There are a couple unblockables in the game as well. Most damage will come from punishes, an opponent getting a move stuffed, or an opponent simply not blocking/avoiding a grab of some sort, but there are people who are good at blocking/evading and hitting them with a strong combo is hard because they are never open. that’s where potential setups have to be used.

The main combo system is simple, but creativity is needed to get around the hitstun deterioration that occurs the more hits are in a combo. Some moves ignore hitstun deterioration. Assists are also used in combos, and some of those ignore hitstun deterioration. Supers can be DHC’d. Aerial tags also have goofy properties. Overall though, SRK and youtube can help with combos.

Learning how to play the game effectively as a whole is kinda hard, since some of the basic stuff is quite easy. Mistakes are very unforgiving in this game barring a responding mistake, haha.

Everything phantasy said is true. Zoning or controlling space is key in marvel.

The combo’s are reward’s for the good decisions you made or the mistake your opponent made.

The major difference between MvC and TVC to something like SF or darkstalkers is that the versus focus so much more on what you can do and less on what your opponent can do. for instance in SF 4 I focus alot on matchups because its all about what my opponent can/can’t do and how I can punish/react to those situations. In marvel The number of options are limitless so you can’t rely heavily on matchup information esepcially since supers can trastically change the game. For this reason its so much more important to understand how to play offense with your team. Also blocking is much harder in versus games so you should always be active because having to block is bad as opposed to other fighting games. for this reason focus on how you can become offensive and traps/mixups you can create while at full speed. Try and play faster than you think you can because it will build up reactions and instincts.

There’s multiple entry points to this game, including the awesome Guide. We don’t need new threads for everybody jumping onto the fun bandwagon. :slight_smile: