New to MvC3, OK at SF4, Getting Destroyed online


Hey guys i just got MvC3 and i’m getting dominated online. I just get lost and have no idea what to do. Can you help me, I know my characters moves, but i just get destroyed. So basically what characters are good for what, and what are some common strategies, like keep back, rushdown, etc. because im lost when it comes to strategies and what characters are good for what.

My teams:

Akuma, Zero, Phoenix

Iron Man, Deadpool, Wesker

Spiderman, Magneto, Super-Skrull

Also, what tactics would i use with these teams?

BTW Feel free to add AccelerationZ on Xbox to play with me and maybe teach me some tricks.


I’ll add you on PSN my PSN ID is Rarthyr play me and I’ll see if I can help you, I’m no pro I’m not good but I win more than I lose online. You do have MvC3 for the PS3 right?


Sorry i own MvC3 for Xbox. Haven’t updated my signature in forever.


Same here … I can win pretty consistently online in SSF4 cause I know the footsies game sorta… and when to use what and what moves to punish with what and when… lol but this game just seems like I am gonna suck forever…

I put so much time into this game since it came out (playing on a PS3 controller BTW which doesn’t help me) and my friend just happened to pick up Wesker, Dante, and Doom and plasma beams my Wolvie, Chun, Dormmy team to death, after I figured out how to beat it he has figured out that (at least this is how I feel) Wesker’s normals are insanely fast coupled with the fact that he teleports and lands an overhead to a low attack which is so hard to block for me right now. and I can’t retaliate it seems like with my new team. task, mags, and dormammu. If I try to out hit him I get combo’d…

along with the fact that dante’s normals are crazy fast too and the mixup game is nuts… When I do get through those too I am left to be Plasma beamed to death. Online i am like 41-110 or something like that. it is HORRIBLE!

It just seems like Lame is the way to play in this game… I don’t wanna play lame but i feel like I need to to get anywhere.

I am gonna keep practicing tho…


Yea I just keep getting destoyed online, I just lose it and start mashing because I SUCK under pressure.


That’s where practice can help you.
I also suggest playing more offline matches with friends that are close to/better than you…go to local gathering.
Going to tournaments helped me with dealing with pressure.


Well, i’m no where near good enough to go to real tournaments and too young, only 15, and my parents won’t take me unless its summer, and none of my friends play fighting games, they play COD, and where I live there’s no to many tournaments. Can you read the top post and try and help me there?


Assuming your teams are all in that order you’re mostly using rushdown characters. If you wanna go that route, you need to go ask yourself the following things:
Does my character have trouble getting in? (if so get an assist that is good for getting in such as a projectile type)
Does my character have shitty mixup or pressure? (if so get an assist that helps you mixup and put on pressure)

And so on. Basically you’re gonna form teams to compliment your main. You also have to account for other things like how much meter does your main use since you might want a battery character to go first instead.

Beg your parents. I’m 13, I get to go. But if they really won’t let you, I guess you’ll have to resort to online. If you wanna play add me XBL: Hungry4luv


I live across the country from any tournaments I see so it will be a plane ride away, and my parents wouldn’t just let me go during the school year maybe summer though.


What state are you from? Go check the regional matchmaking to find your area.


I’m from South Jersey so Philly would be best for me, and can you help answer my questions at the top ?


Yes I did answer. Check my first post since I added more to it. :smile:


It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter what team I suggest you use…because you are going to get destroyed anyway.
Read up on the sticky threads in the main MVC subforum.

Forum: Atlantic North: Discussion & Matchmaking

There are plenty of gatherings as far as I can see…


Wasn’t Winter Brawl 5 in Jersey?


I see that now, but I just never checked all the way down thereon the forum.


its ok for you. but i can guarrantee theere ZERO toruneys in the UK Midlands.

guess i’ll resort to online too.:sad: