New to MVC3

Ok so im pretty new to MVC3 and been just taking beating lol. Trying to learn the game but everyone who is actually decent/good at the game never have headsets or i get 10yr old who just try to spam projectiles and they end up loosing and cry about it. Anyone want to play some matches on 360?

xboxlive - qixi izuna ixip

There’s a whole area for this. Poke around the site before you make a new thread since a lot of the things you’ll ask have already been answered many times.

Check out the guide and the specific character forums.

Yes, the character specific forums should be your first stop. Learn your favorite or best characters strengths and weaknesses then see what assist work for them. You’ll want to have a team with good synergy to maximize potential. Then hit training mode to practice your combos offline. Once you go online, you will then be tested to actually land those combos on a real opponent.

For matchmaking on 360, see the SRK Live forum.