New to MvC3's Online Mode(Need Advice)

Okay, let me start by saying that I am in no way complaining. I just really need advice on how to approach the situation. I’ve had MvC3 since launch day and ever since I’ve stuck with my team of X-23/Ammy/Dormammu, but I never played online. This site has been a big help so far and thanks to this site I learned the basics of my characters and can sweep the floor with my friends when were playing offline. Still there is one thing that might keep me from touching this game again. The Online Mode. I already knew jumping online was going to be like other fighters I played online. There are going to be skilled players and there going to be characters that you eventually develop strats for taking down. However this game at least for me doesn’t even give a chance for your skills to grow. Everything was fine until I hit Fighter. Like I said I already knew there was going to be a challenge because a lot of people have been playing this for a while now, but ever since I hit Fighter they put me against people that are 4x my skill level. Not to mention all of them are running almost the same team like Sent/Wolvie/xxxx(third character of choice). I know these characters are very much beatable yet I can’t even come up with a plan when I constantly defending.Don’t get me wrong some people were using these teams before Fighter rank but there is a massive difference between them and the people now. Not to mention I run into the occasional spammer who once again wasn’t that hard to deal with before Fighter rank. Even when I set the Rank limit I still have this problem and I know I’m not the only person in America who is Fighter Rank. As I said I’m not complaining because I know most of these players are doing what their doing by skill and not using cheap tricks, I just need insight because the game constantly puts me against people that I have no chance against.

BTW sorry if this post was to long and thanks.

MvC3 uses a rather hardcore ranking system.

Doesn’t matter what you do to the game search settings, you are going to get matched up against players from the entire player pool. It’s the equivalent of getting on an arcade cabinet and letting anyone challenge you - it could be Viscant, it could be a random…

Ignore your rank, ignore your win rate, ignore everything. Think only of winning. If you get bodied, shrug it off (no ranking to worry about since it’s meaningless), learn from the experience, and get back in there.

Anyway, are you using pushblock/advance guarding? It sounds to me (“yet I can’t even come up with a plan when I constantly defending.”) like you don’t, and it seems likely that you never learned to pushblock when you’re just playing against your friends.

Yeah I know how but once I get in a match against some of these guys sometimes my tactics go out the window once they get me into a tight spot. With others they spam the same thing and I just can’t find a way out.

When playing Online, Try to limit yourself to players in your Time Zone to reduce as much lag as possible. There’s a section on SRK that can help you fine players in your Time Zone.

Remember this when you play online:

You play to learn, not to win.

If you lose/win, try to recall some things that can improve you so that if you ever play against people irl either through casuals or tournament, your online experience can actually help you. Winning online is nice, but many times it’s superficial.

Yeah there’s something to be said for this. When playing online you’re susceptible to a lot more stuff due to lag, but of course that’s also true for the other guy. It’s impossible to say whether the tradeoff is 50/50 though. Just as its tougher to get out of some situations, it’s also difficult to tell whether your success is lag motivated or not.

What you can do is go to the threads of the characters you play, and the threads for the characters you’re having trouble against and post your issues there.