New to NorthWest:Washington

Hey guys, I just got stationed here in Everett,WA and I’ve been out of the scene for a bit due to deployment and no inspiration to play anymore. I use to live on the east coast and play in Raleigh,NC. I’m just looking to get back out on the marvel and street fighter grind again. Im just trying to find out where the locals and casuals are being played at so I can get back out on the scene. Anyways, thanks for having a scene and glad I can be apart of it.

Hi man! check out the area that says Gameclucks, our next biweekly is this coming up thursday. its mainly street fighter, but some of the marvel heads might be there :slight_smile:

cool, i used to live in the 'ville. Played against people like JiveTurkeyJones, Jabroni Kenshin, and MegaZangief…

@Jion_Wansu‌ - I know this is seriously late on responding…I know of Jabroni never really met the guy.
@KMFP‌ - Ok man, I’m glad there is something because I have a fierce itch on playing again. I horrible at both games now since I haven’t played since I left and thats been almost 2 years now. I’ll PM you and maybe meet up with some of you and the regulars.

Just saw this. You guys meeting up?