New to Oni

Hi bros, i’m going to stick with Oni, so what do i need to focus first? Does his playstyle require high execution or plinking (becos i play with a gamepad)?

Nice! Fellow Oni.

I don’t think he requires very high execution, but there are some things that I feel should be practice that will help in the long run.

Linking into both target combos (1 and 2) from: lp, cr. lp, cr. mp, and back mp.
FADC from lk slash, maybe also from fireball

These are the main ways he does damage as the good damage combos most of the time involve these actions.
Like I said these will help in the long run, but first perhaps

Just getting use to his normals and unique normals as most of his unique normals can be used for specific actions like for instance.
cr. hp, st. hp, mk, forward hk can all be used as anti-airs depending on certain distances (along with the shoryuken of course).

hit confirming will help as well (something I still need work on)

Others feel free to add anything.

this is a little more advanced but start trying to recognize when you get a counter-hit off of light kick demon slashes and forward medium kicks, you can combo into big damage off of these with a simple cr.lp->cr.hp->lk.demon slash

Here’s a link to the Oni guide I am working on if you haven’t already seen it:

I’m trying to go through basic and advanced stuff in an easy to understand way for everyone.