New to persona... It's amazing


Hey guys, I just picked up persona after like 20 years of being a capcom only dude and I’m really stoked at how good this game is. I’ve only spent like 2 or 3 hours with it so far, did tutorial, arcade once, and a couple challenges… I didn’t know what to expect since I never hear anyone talk about this game but so far I’m blown away. I wish I was more aware of it months ago. I wish more people were aware of it in general… Anyways I’m wondering where the best resources are to read up on some bnbs, resets, etc… Any good sites or threads or should I just lurk around the characters threads on this page? I don’t know who I’ll main yet, I just wanna get some basic bnbs so I can hop into player to get a feel for fighting real people. I’m on Xbox btw, tag is Saltthedead if anybody wants to get at me. I still have a ton of work to put in but I could use some friends who will remain active who I could learn from once i can tell whats what by sight.
I have a question too… I play on pad so I mapped one of each bursts to my bumpers since I can’t really do clean a,b,d or a,c,d. This shouldn’t cause me any problems should it? When I started I was doing it like how I pop x factor, hitting all four face buttons with my thumb but I realized I might not get the burst I want when I need it like that. Mapping to the bumpers seems to make sense but I wanna make sure so I don’t get into any habits I’ll have to break once I improve. Thanks guys, cheers!


Dustloop has fairly extensive P4U information.
Map them to bumpers if it helps.


I suggest the default controls with A+C on R1. That way, you can air turn with one button, and if you need to One More Cancel you just go R1+B, and to burst you do R1+D. It’s very easy once you get used to it. You might also want to bind All-Out Attack to one of the shoulder buttons for easier mashing to get it to Fatal.


Nice. I would’ve never thought about setting it up like that. I’ll def give dustloop a look too, thanks guys.

Edit: I thought I posted this on the P4A board, my bad. Well, at least maybe it’ll increase visibility for a couple days…


It’s default, duh. I missed your first line and was staring at the screen for 5 minutes like duhhhh, what am I missing? Haha


Dustloop is WAYYYY better for info than SRK for any game made by Arc Systems. Seriously, SRK is awful for these games. I cannot advocate the information on dustloop enough.


Dustloop Wiki is the holy grail for anything Arcsys. Hop on over there.