New to Playing Stick


Hi everybody,

I recently got my first arcade stick (well, legitimate not shitty arcade stick) and I’m having a bit of a hard time adapting to it from pad. I decided to finally make the jump when I realized the local scene would never randomly stop playing on 360 and start on PS3 (or I guess PC). I was wondering what tips you guys might have for successfully making the jump as quickly as possible?

I figure a little background might help: I’ve been playing playing fighters for over 15 years (my favorite SNES game outside of Bomberman was that super unbalanced Power Rangers fighter or maybe the TMNT one) and play most tournament worthy 2D fighters (except KoF13 (I played Maxima/Terry/Kim), which I own but don’t play due to no local scene and crap online). My main game at the moment is Injustice, where I play Nightwing, but I still play some SFIV on the side and is what I’ve reverted to learn stick (I play Chun in that game, used to run Abel, T. Hawk, and Cody). Other games I’ve played include Third Strike (Ryu), SFxT (haven’t touched it since v. 2013 update, but I played Sagat/Hugo or Guile/Hugo), UMvC3 (Logan/Frank/Sent with Cap and Firebrand as possible Logan or Frank subs), MvC2 (Rogue/Felicia/Cyclops…I never got too into MvC2 haha), Skullgirls (Valentine/Cerebella), and BlazBlue CT (I plan on getting the latest update when it sees console release, I played Hakumen).

So with the knowledge of the games I play at least somewhat well and the character(s) I play in those games, is there any one in particular which will help me learn how to play on stick faster? Should I focus more on training mode or actual matches? Any advice would help greatly! Thanks!


The classic advice is to go into training mode, do 100 hadoukens facing right, then 100 hadoukens facing left, then 100 shoryukens facing right, then etc.

Basically just practice and get used to using a stick/hitbox/controller of your choice. There isn’t a magic method to instantly get better with a stick.


Guess I’ll just have to grind it out haha. Thanks!


Check out the stickies here in the newbie dojo.


What I did was go into training mode and just figure out how to hold it comfortably first. Then just get your muscle memory working on it. It’s easy to use a pad because most people have that muscle memory already there.
Just time and patience, really.


OK, sounds like a plan. I guess part of me hoped for some crazy way to learn in like one training mode session method even though common sense says it can’t exist :P. Thanks for the link and the advice!