New to Rufus old SF4 player

Hey guys i recently came back to SF4 for AE and i have been only playing Rufus. I find him the funnest out of all the characters that i have tried.

But i know there is alot of debate whether or not he is still as viable as he was in Vanilla and SSF.

Ive been watching some matches of Wong and Ricky Ortiz and I see Rufus still has potential in all types of levels of play.

I was also wondering if the BnB that Ricky and Wong do is performed the way im tryingcuz im having a hard time landing it.

Dive Kick, short, fierce, medium galactic… Is that wrong?

Thanks in advance!

No you’re close, it’s heavy Galactic Tornado, and it’s a 1 frame link combo. It’s hard to get at first but here’s some ways to help you learn it.

Everyday before I go on Xbox Live I do the bnb exercise where I practice the close short to fierce punch and cancel into heavy Galactic Tornado. How I do it? I just do the bnb up to 5-10 times, and if I mess up before I reach 5 or 10 I start over from 0. It’s my own training regiment I use to get the one frame link combo down and it always works for me.

I hope this helps good luck with Rufus you can’t go wrong :)!!

I think where I have difficulty with combos is because I don’t understand the frame advantage or Understand frames at all. :frowning: I just try what I see online mindlessly. Sometimes it work but it seems for SF4 a good understanding of frames is very beneficial.
Any pointers?

Goes like this: 1 frame = 1/60 of a second, in other words there are 60 frames per second in the game. Each attack has a specific number of startup frames, active frames, and recovery frames. Startup frames are how many frames it takes for the move to ‘startup’, or how many frames before your move will actually ‘hit’. The active frames are how many frames the move is able to ‘hit’ the opponent. The recovery frames is how many frames it takes, after the move connects, for your character to reset and be able to do another move (unless you are canceling with a special move). Next, in frame data charts, you are give on guard and on hit +/-. This is simply the number of frames after your move connects (or is blocked) until your opponent resets from hit (or block) stun, minus the number of frames before your character recovers and resets. For example Rufus’s cl. lp is +2 on block and +5 on hit. This means that if you throw out a cl. lp and your opponent blocks it, you will have a 2 frame advantage (you will reset 2 frames before your opponent will). And if your attack hits, then you will have a 5 frame window after you recover, while they will still be in hit stun. This is where comboing comes into play. In order for two moves to combo, the frame advantage on hit of the first move must be greater than or equal to the startup frames of the second move. This is logical because you have a certain number of frames where you can do something (since your character has reset) and the opponent can’t (blocking included). So as long as your next move has little enough startup before it actually will ‘hit’, your opponent cannot block the attack. Also, a one frame link would be where the hit advantage of your first move is equal to the startup of the next.

I hope I explained everything well enough without rambling too much, I just wanted to make sure that what made sense in my head would make sense to you.

Oh and rock the Rufus!!

I’m also new to Rufus (always loved the concept behind the big man but never bothered picking him up before today). I’m absolutely completely lost at the close short into fierce link. I’ve tried it, and I can’t seem to find the timing necessary, even with plinking, to do the move. Since this is kind of a necessary part of Rufus’ combos, I actually want to learn this. Any tips would be appreciated.

Practice practice practice.

The timing of his bnb will come eventually. Just need to ^