New to Sacramento

I’ve been living out here for a year already and been out of the games for a while. Just recently been bitten by the urge to jump back into it all. Wondering where in Sac could one find some peeps to play with. I play 3s, st, cvs2, a3, if anyone plays the ggx2 slash and t5 resurrection I wouldn’t mind hitting that stuff up cuz I’ve only played the outdated original versions.

I also read that the bay area is the place to be to meet up with the core community of the norcal scene so I was wondering where is the need-to-be for some of that?

i live in sacramento myself but mostly played marvel. we can cvs2 =] you got a stick right?

we have a couple people around the sac area. i’m in folsom, but the others are in/near sac.
most right now are getting jacked by finals and end-of-term papers, etc, so we’re doing toned-down playing. you can try posting in the CSUS sacramento thread and see if Popo187 wants any juice. he’s been kinda antsy to get some game on lately since all of us got destroyed with work and school.

we play mainly 3s and cvs2, screw around in ST/anniversary and sfz3, and lately randomly started some marvel.

Yeah I got myself a stick, but I might need to replace it soon.

Goteku, yeah I’ll check out CSUS. Been thinking about going back into some random playing for marvel and I’m gonna need some peeps to show me the ropes in that again since it’s a game where a lot of new shit gets discovered in a short amount of time.

Btw, how’s living expenses in Folsom? I’m in Rancho currently and it’s getting kinda ghetto. Been to Folsom a number of times and the place looks real nice.

check out elk grove … those place are relaly nice to live and if your looking for a good place to live or apartment elk grove has tons of nice one and yea… i dont think any place in ekl grove are ghetoo… everythign is nice and shit

Yeah I’ve been to elk grove a couple of times. It looked kinda cow townish but I prolly should look around the area more.

I play Slash. Capcom is gay. <3

living in folsom is fine. there’s only intel and the prison here (or folsom lake/zoo if you’re the outdoorsy type). aside from that, if you plan on staying in any decent apartment places, it’ll be like 900$+ per month (single). i’m in a not-crappy-but-not-new place and it’s 730$ a month for a year lease (discount for year leases)… otherwise, it’s like 820$ a month. that was teh cheapest place that’s not completely run-down in folsom i could find online.

Don’t live in Folsom. Maobei will molest you.

Good to know. I’m paying 740/month for the single I’m currently living in. I’ll keep the above in mind regardless. Kinda in a position in life where I might have to make some choices.

Yo Spirit Juice, you got a copy of Slash? And is there anywhere particular to go for some gg play or is it also all centralized in CSUS?

Also, anybody play tekken?

Do Not Go To Csus.

The Place Is A Joke.

Well since I haven’t checked it out yet mind filling me in on that? Doesn’t hurt to get any info before venturing out there.:wonder:

-2p coin slot plugged up with coins
-2p stick needs to “settle” before you choose ur character because it moves by itself
-1p and 2p LP doesn’t work 40% of the time when you press it together with HP

-2p stick doesn’t block low
-cost 50 cents
-2p roundhouse works 30%

2 anniversary edition machines all bad sticks bad button (concave)
1 alpha3 machine that serves no purpose at csus
tekken DR cost 50cents and works okay AFAIK.

overall, the company that keeps maintenance on the machine does not care about customer service so i like to discourage people from supporting the company.

I’m the only GG player in Sacto. ._.

Eh not surprised to hear those things about the campus arcade. Just about the same thing with the arcade at the school I went to. Where else would you suggest one to go get in some games?

Spirit Juice you’re the only GG player? Hehe, yeah not different from east coast, wasn’t a lot of people who bothered playing GG either…just a small crew with a head count that can be accounted with one hand. :rofl:

I live in Elk Grove, send me a PM or reply here. I’ve got ST in a 25" cab in my garage! Bring some beers etc. This invite goes for everyone.

What kinda beer you want and what kinda sticks and buttons you got on the cab?:lol:

New Castle is good, It don’t really matter, bring what you want.

I’ve got all HAPP parts, comp sticks, and non-ultimate concave push buttons (.14" throw) (I’m partial to American arcade design :lovin: )

any elk grovians wanna play MvC2?


Where have you been! :sad: