New to san diego from ny

Hey whats up guys my name is vinny, im not that new to san diego, but i been here for 4 years now. I havent found a good arcade since i been here. I played in alot of tournaments back in the day, i use to play out of chinatown fair in chinatown ny. I hanged out with justin, sandford, the law, mike d, azazel.Im just looking for some people to play with again, lol the skills are a little rusty but i want to sharpen them up. I play mvc2, cvs2, ssf2t, teken tag, and madden lol i know i know. And one more thing how does everybody play mvc2 now, back in the days we use to paly on dreamcast, do you guys play for ps2 or something.

welllllll what part of san diego are you at?
and DC or arcade is how marvel gets down.

either DC or arcade, ps2 is too laggy and slow. You are right, no good arcades in san diego. I think best cab is at mudd clubb, but its expensive and far. All the comp goes to chula vista mall, but the machine is whack also.