New to Sanwa's/Seimitsu's part, need info

Hi, I got used building sticks using happs parts but I now want to build one using sanwa and/or seimitsu parts but I don’t really know the differences between the sticks so I hope I could get some help here. I am thinking of getting myself the Sanwa JLW-TM-8 but didn’t know for the buttons: Sanwa OBSF-30, Sanwa OBSN-30, Seimitsu PS-14-GN or Seimitsu PS-14-K? Is the only difference between these two pairs the mounting technic, one which is screw in and the other snapped in for metal CP? Sry if this have been asked before and thanks for any input. Oh, and the cheapest website to get them?

Most of your questions should be answered on the first page of this topic. If you have anyother questions after reading the first posts then it would be best to ask anything further in that topic since its dedicated to such questions.