New to Seth, wondering what gate most of you Seth vets use --->

Hey all, I tried a Seth fourm search for “square gate” and “octo gate” and there were about only 2-3 posts total so sorry if this is a repeat thread.

I’m finally trying a secondary character, I main Bison but I feel that I’ve hit a plateau with him. I’ve always been amazed when I would get totally wtf pwned by another Seth player to the point where I wanted to learn how to play him. So here I am.

I started learning Seth a few days ago and my main problem is going from Cr.LK - Cr.LP - C.LP - C.MP XX Machine Gun Kick. I use a square-gate and this type of combo has always been a problem for me, its one of the main reasons I switched from Akuma to Bison.

I have trouble transitioning from Cr.MP into the QCB motion. This is where I’m curious as to which type of gate are you guys using. I have an octo-gate collecting dust in a box and I’m wondering if it would be better to use for Seth’s combos and moves.

I know it all comes down to preference and my preference for charge characters (mainly Bison and Chun) is with the square-gate. But when I first started learning Akuma I switched to the octo-gate to get certain moves down then switched back to square.

Anyhows I’m just curious, thanks for any insight.

So I had the EXACT same problem for awhile. What you need to do is after you start the combo (hit confirm), put the stick in the down-forward corner, that way when you execute the QCB, it will go from: down-forward, down, down-back, back.

That’s the easy way to do it, but as soon as you start practicing more, you’ll naturally know to keep the stick exactly down instead of waning towards one side for than the other.

P.S. Square Gate vs. Octo Gate arguments are useless in my opinion, you just need to see which one feels more natural for you and stick with it.

EDIT: Hopefully this helps!

If you want my advice (I’m not the best Seth user around here but…), don’t try to use combos with links from hell. At least for now.

Usually I inflict a LOT of pressure upon my opponent. The goal is to cross him up to do a very simple HP --> Light Lightning leg.
I have a simple pressure pattern which includes wall jump, cr.lp, divekick and the 360. If he’s blocking too much, then divekick and 360, if not well just cross him up. If he’s stunned, unleash your fury with your BnB combos.

Of course, we all know about the dragon punch whores out there, so you may be lead to change your tactic. Just watch some videos and learn the basics (BnB stuff, Ultra and Cross up) and you’ll be fine.

Where’s the “I PLAY PAD :mad:” option?


sorry i can’t help more. welcome to seth. may lady luck be on your side. (seriously)

I’ll try that more, I’ve been trying that before when i used akuma and i couldn’t get consistent but I’ll just need to keep practicing, thanks man.

BTW: I just put in my octo gate and doing certain simple combos feels a bit better for me now. I just cant get the 360 out when I want it all the time. I sometimes cant get the ultra out when I bait them to jump over the sonic boom.

Is that crossup with Crouching HP to launch them in the air or standing close HP? Ill take any advice as I’m pretty lost on how to attack other people. What I’ve been doing is walljump with dive kick then Cr.LK XX Lightning Legs but I don’t want to get to predictable with it.

Thanks for the help peeps.

I like octo gate, but that’s a personal thing.

I think either one is perfectly fine.

I use square gate because that’s what came with my stick and it works fine. Octagon gate feels pretty good too, though.

I suggest doing a whole :d::db::l::ub: motion for the qcb. Every time I miss my qcb or qcf, it’s always because I didn’t finish the motion because I’m lazy.

I would definitely suggest not leaving the hit-confirm combo to learn for later. It’s huge because Hyakuretsu is so punishable. It might be easier for you do do cr.lp -> s.hp xx Sonic Boom/lp tandem on block or Hyakuretsu on hit. Seriously, if you can’t reliably and safely hit-confirm a Hyakuretsu, your mindgames and risk/reward are extremely skewed. Imagine if you were Ryu and you couldn’t do xx cr.lp -> DP FADC Ultra. That’s how important this combo is.

Because Dive Kick is close to even on block unless it’s meaty, your default move after it should be an SPD or normal throw. Otherwise you will get beat out by 3 frame moves all day.

For the SPD and ultra, I suggest exaggerating the moment. So with the ultra, do :qcf::qcf::uf:, and for SPD, do the whole 360 motion instead of relying on a 270 shortcut. This has always done the trick for me.

Are you getting the link? Just the cancel is getting you, right?

Oh, and don’t do two cr.lp’s. It whiffs on some characters. xx cr.lp -> is completely consistent except maybe against crouching Vega off a crossup. But who plays Vega anyway?

My friend cry That’s also true for teleporting behind him, which means you can’t hit confirm into Hyaku :frowning:

Standard. The crouch one isn’t a part of the combo so you’ll get your ass kicked against a decent player. The c.HP is very useful to start huge combo corner but hard to do because of his slowness. For that you can try sonic boom, Dash, teleport and c.HP

Well i’m a Seth vet…not good with him but i’ve been using him as my main for 5 months, so that counts too right? =P

I have a square gate and it’s fine for me, i’ve borrowed an octo at a tournament once and played a few matches with it but it wasn’t for me. Probably if my stick had come with octo i would be used to that by now though.

Since you have a square and octo ready for the switching, i suggest trying the octo for 7 days, then switch it to square and try that for 7 days and compare results.

Yep I’m getting the link just having a hard time with the QCB movement. And I agree with you on having to learn the hit confirm now instead of later.

Thanks for the tips man, very very appreciated.

I have an arcade stick and every time i go to use it I just fet flusted and plugg the controller in :S


But as Wonder_Chef mentioned, it’s a personal preference. I’m a little more comfortable with Octo-Gates but also comfortable with Square Gates.

Also, relating to the thread title, there is no such thing as a Seth vet ><

I’m a pad player as well :china: I just need a fight pad. PS3 stock controller is alright but I don’t like the dpad that much. At least it ain’t the xbox dpad… that shits wack as hell… :lame:

On a more related not, I would assume octagon is the way to go. I know there is a dp motion shortcut ( :df::df: or something) but wouldn’t it be more natural to actually do the motion ? Square is for charge characters IMO.

I actually can only use 360 Pad (apart from stick). The analog stick on 360 pads is REALLY great, comfortable and responsive.

I have to have the buttons mapped to the way that they were mapped in 3S from the Anniversary Collection though.


Just make it two way, only left and right.

You could still play Honda…

I also like cross gates. Cardinal directions only.

That would totally be a charge character gate, haha.