New To SF 5

I’m new to street fighter 5
I like using bison but seem you to get corner trap a lot without an escape… Anybody have any suggestions on how to stop the corner trap?

Second question is… It seems like I get thrown 4–5 times a game… Anyway to stop this?

Anybody have any good corner trap chip combos?

Any other advice would be much appreciated also. !!

If you are cornered, most of the time it’s just better to block, wait for the opponent to be pushed back far enough by his string, and be ready to either AA or stop a dash in when they inevitably try to maintain pressure.

About throws, don’t worry about them. Concentrate on landing a combo on your opponent. A single combo is worth 2-3 throws so your opponent is losing in the damage differential if he’s just throwing you and you stay calm and take back control. That said, if your opponent is always going for throws and doesn’t shimmy, you can late tech, that is, you throw a bit later so that if the opponent throws you, you tech it, but if he tries to hit you, you block it and your throw input doesn’t do anything because you’re in block stun.

Thanks for the info

I read that Bison has high priority on his throws is that true?

He has the same priority as anyone else. They just have a pretty good range.

What is the best punishing V combo with bison.

I think it’s sHK CC, sHP xx HK Scissors xx VTC, sMP, crMP xx MK Scissors xx EX Inferno xx EX Headstomp.

If you dont want to spend 2 meters, you can also do sHK CC, sHP xx HK Scissors xx VTC, sMP, crMP xx MK Scissors xx EX Blast, Psycho Axe. You can get an additional hit with this one if you have a vskill projectile stored. I think right after the EX Blast.

Thanks for the advice

Is it me or, is bison one of the hardest characters to play competitively ??

I seem to fight a lot of turtles in the corner… and ppl just waiting me out…

Any advice would be appreciated

The only advice:
Get used to it. It will happen A LOT.

This is pretty much the gameplan… clobber them, until they dont want to press a button, before they notice that there is chip, grey damage and throws, which makes them press buttons again. That moment is when your frame traps must get you a hit. Then you have to get your real damage in, without any mercy!!!