New to SF IV - In training


Hello folks, I’ve been away from SF IV pretty much for 10 years or so. I just picked up a copy of SF IV.

I am trying to learn how to play this game against other people. It’s not that I am horrible, but I would say that I am slightly below average… if that’s not being to generous. Let’s just say I can pretty much beat the crap out of any button masher and I am about 50% against people in the 1000 point range.

What is the best way to sharpen up on the game?


Do the challenges so u can get a wider knowledge of the fighters cuz u never know, u might find someone u never thought of using. Also experiment! Essentially try to trick your opponents u can so tht wit games online or by yourself in training, jus figure out ways to outplay them. Might sound easier said than done tho, huh?