New to SF, maining Akuma

Hey, I’m mainly a MK9/Injustice player and fell in love with SF after watching EVO 2012, this game is pretty technical and I love being rewarded for good spacing. I don’t understand the SF4 footsie game right now and have no idea why people respect each others space with so many slow or crouchable normals and D1 being so good for most characters.

I’ve done a bit of basic reading on Akuma’s vortex and I get it pretty good, just need to read up on the situational stuff. Can anyone give me a basic introduction to SF4 and Akuma? I’m getting destroyed by everyone, even if they’re just shoryuken mashers and jumpers ( online fucking sucks ). Is there any universal punish guide? I’m trying to find out how to best punish shoryukens and incorporated demon flip in the neutral game.

First, forget about DF in a neutral situation. Neutral game is footsy time. Once you got a UKD it’s setup time. If you’re under pressure it’s defense/throw’tech time. That’s how SF4 works. Lucking it out wont bring you very far. There’s no “I’ll do this randomely and during the process if it worked I’ll keep going, if not I’ll back off”.

read this too :

OMFG HOLY SHIT 4GET THE VORTEX AND SETUPS RIGHT NOW. do not go near them. do not worry about them. do not read about them. right now all you are to work on is footsies, zoning, spacing, and fundamentals. i never knew about these starting out and when i found this site i went str8 to the vortex and setups and now im fucked up

Wat. Where did I say anything about using gimmicks? Where did I even say I’m new to fighting games? I’ve developed pretty good footsies over years of fighting games. I’m not looking for the basic “read this huge wall of text on footsies” that this community tends to regurgitate to beginners. I’m looking to know how the neutral game in this game works, not footsies and spacing in general. I never mentioned doing random shit and hope it works, nor did I say anything about lucking out wins. Did I register myself in tekkenzaibatsu V2.0?

What I want : Basic explanation of how the neutral game works, why are D1s so dominant, what to poke with, when to use his best normals.

so maybe explain yourslef better at some point instead of asking questions no one can obviously answer to ? Best normals ?? best poke ?? what sort of game are you from where a said normal is called “the better one”.
Or… what you wanted someone to sit here for an hour giving you a wall of text with all the situations and their sister’s name ? C’on…

Impressive experienced gamer with so few reading skills. You could spent some time reading some of the threads here before jumping on “vortex”, it’s pretty much gone since AE2012 came out. What about videos ? youtube something ?

If you know better, express yourself better. Don’t blame people actually giving a shit about your posts. Or enjoy your loneliness tomorrow.

Sorry if this hurts you, I love everyone. I probably read you wrong from the beginning right ? Good luck in life.