New to SF4, cant win 1 match



Hello all, im new to the sf4 scene, I wanna main fei long and ive been doing some move practice in training. I go online and get pwned immediately. I was wondering how I should learn the bare basics, like movement, blocking, the building blocks. Training mode doesnt see to do it. Should I just go online and try do get it by experience. All help is welcome, thanks :rofl:


Should have asked in the general questions area mate, you’ll get shit for starting a new thread. But hey, we deal with it daily.

Most important question would be - Are you new to fighting games or just Street Fighter?

It probably doesn?t matter anyway as Fei Long is not a great place to start, unless you want the torture of getting your ass handed to you for 3 months. Your pretty far behind the 8 ball to be starting now, I’d suggest picking Ken or Sagat.

They both look to be solid characters in the up coming AE edition and are a bit easier to play than Fei Long (at your level).

If you want to main Fei, the sticky threads have all you need to get started. The Fei Long Master Guide has everything you need to know. If in doubt watch videos on you tube - lots of them.


I posted a reply for you Twocan, please respond here:

hope this helps.


Sorry for posting in the wrong area, new to the forums. Also i’m not totally new to fighting games, just the street fighter series, and I used to be a pad player. Switched to stick about 3 weeks ago.


Did a tutorial for Pad players for fei, here is the part 2


here is part 1