New to SF4: Could do with some help!



Hi guys,

After watching some SF4 video’s online I finally decided to get the game a couple of days before Christmas. I did not at all expect the game to be as complex as it is, I absolutely suck at it and had a hard time beating the arcade mode on the easiest difficulty.

So after a lot of research I have to decided to main Cammy and I purchased a Mad Catz fight pad thinking it would help me pull off some of the moves (seems to help, but I still can’t manage to do the hooligan combination using it). I am absolutely clueless as to where to begin with the combo’s and the Trials challenges are actually, believe it or not, challenging (to me). I can’t get the moves to link together.

So what I’m wondering is, if there are any of you out there willing to train a new player to the fighting genre in general, and/or share a few tips and tricks online. I do have a microphone, and I am frequently online.

I’m from the UK, so connection might be bad for those of you on the other side of the globe, but I just want some advice, even if its sent as a text message that would be great.

Thanks guys

XBL Tag: BathurstT


A Tenner!!!


Shame you’re not on PS3 I would have helped you out and we’d have a decent connection!

I’m sure some of the 360 folk will give you a few games. Theres a lot of useful info in here though, check out the beginners thread and just try to get the basics down. (The challenges gave me trouble to begin with too! I wanted to bang my head against a wall over the one you have to go from spiral arrow to her super :lol: )



Are you the same guy messaging me on youtube? The Cammy section is a great place to ask questions. We’re all pretty nice here. Feel free to look through our video section to get an idea of how she’s played. Learn the 2 combos I’ve mentioned and have fun.


Yep that’s me ^.^

Still doing pretty bad when it comes to playing people online, but I have managed to improve a little I guess. I still can’t successfully do the hooligan combination though (sometimes it works, but majority of the time it doesn’t) which is REALLY frustrating as it could help out now and then - instead it gets me punished as I just end up jumping across the screen into the danger zone :frowning:

Thinking of buying the Hori EX2 but I’m not entirely sure. Do any of you recommend buying this stick to start with? If I do buy the Hori, I will probably upgrade to the TE stick once SSF4 is released.

Thanks again guys.


IMO I wouldn’t bother with a Hori if you have no plans or means to mod it and if you’re planning to buy a TE. The TE will last you much much longer and will give you the proper experience of playing on a joystick, so the Hori will just end up being a wasted purchase.

If you don’t mind throwing money at your hobby though, an EX2 is an ok starter stick. If you can execute on one, you’ll be able to transition those skills to a TE and you’ll definitely appreciate the heavier weight and better parts.

Good luck with learning Cammy! The community in this subforum is pretty awesome and easygoing, so feel free to keep asking any questions that come up during your time playing. =]


I’ll take up your offer and ask a question whilst it’s fresh in my mind heh ^.^

I just played a first to 10 with a mate of mine and he won 10-9 (a massive improvement on my part compared to last time). So whilst playing him I noticed I was getting punished quite a lot when I was doing a block string into Spiral Arrow or mk to Spiral Arrow. If they block this, does Cammy have any other options to avoid being punished?

After a while I just stopped linking into Spiral Arrow if he was blocking, but then i’d be forced into a zoning match as he was using Ryu. So besides linking into Spiral Arrow, what else can I do to keep the pressure on and not give him the opportunity to punish - as I don’t think you can FADC from Spiral Arrow (feel free to let me know if I’m wrong).


Regarding the Hori stick, I think I might buy it as I’ve never played any other fighting games besides SF4 so I don’t have any experience at all using a stick. If I can get comfortable using the Hori, then I should be able to adapt easier for when I get a TE which I’ll probably ask for for my birthday so I don’t have to splash the cash myself ^^


u can cancel sa


You definately do not want to do the spiral arrow if they are blocking! If you do say cr.lp, if you’ve landed the 3 hits do the spiral arrow, other wise mix it up, like walk forward and throw, or jump forward and very quickly do a cannon strike, or just stop and see what your opponent does.


I when that route. First got the hori stick for the 360 but after a month of playing with it the buttons started failing me. They work most of the time had to press them really hard. So when online got some Sanwa buttons put then in ( Not that easy ). Playing with the sanwa buttons was heaven. Then the stick stared to act weird. Looked up how to change the stick form a hori to a sanwa stick. Too hard for me too do. When to Amazon order a Madcatz TE stick. Haven’t had a problem since then. The hori slipped a lot not a problem with the TE. I even got one for the ps3 to now.



I dunno if it’s just me getting the timing wrong, but no matter how many times I try it, it doesn’t seem to work. However, the EX Spiral Arrow I can cancel…


Yeah, you can FADC Spiral Arrow on hit or block only early in the animation (like during the first hit of a HK SA, not the second). It’s kind of tough to react to just cancelling a naked SA if it’s blocked, but it’s definitely doable if you use longer block strings to hitconfirm or get used to reacting to whether your cancelled normal hit in the first place.

TeK does it here around the 28 sec mark if you want a visual aid for the timing:


RE: keeping up the pressure. Like Ixion said, block string c.LK/LP, TKCS, low to the ground dive kick, and walk up throw are Cammy’s main in-your-face pressuring options. Tick throwing is the easiest one to implement, especially if you’re pressuring a guard-heavy player, since her foot speed is so fast and it’s this fear of being thrown that eventually lets Cammy get her real damage in.


I know I could probably find this somewhere already on the forum, but whats the timing to link lk,lp,lk into heavy spiral arrow?

I can never manage to get the 3 light hits to link into the spiral arrow…


crouch lk, crouch lp, tiny tiny tiny pause, crouch lk, spiral arrow

You’re entering them all immediately after each other but with a very small pause between the lp and lk.


If you’re not getting it the first time, the second time, or the 90th time, don’t worry. It takes different people different times to learn the timing and button presses. My friend could get it in like 10 minutes (granted, he could also do the Roundhouse Loop with Akuma… ) whereas it took me like 3 months before I was actually able to pull it off and another month before I could use it in an actual match…

Practice. Practice. Practice. Training mode should be your #1 spot, followed by Vs mode


Awesome, cheers for letting me know.

I’ve pretty much got that down now in training mode, can successfully pull it off about 90% of the time. Guess I just need to repetitively keep doing it in order to burn it into my muscle memory heh ^.^ So I think I have all of Cammy’s basic combo’s figured out now, but I’m still struggling a bit with her ultra. Is her ultra even worth using? I read on mycheats that she doesn’t have many ultra setups so half the time I panic and try get a lucky Ultra to hit on wake up or something (I do realise this is stupid, I get punished a lot from doing this sort of thing).

Any descent Ultra setups you guys know about? The only one I seemed to figure out by messing around in training mode was jumping roundhouse into ultra, but I can’t see people falling for that…


Cammy’s ultra setups for the most part are more advanced. Mostly certainly nowhere near as many or as easy as Ryu or Rufus sneeze>ultra.

One of the most used ones is Cannon Spike>FADCb>ultra.

Another good combo to learn is cr.hp > xx hk SA.


The most basic way of landing her ultra (and the same goes for all characters) is to land a focus attack, dash out of it as you do then do the ultra. If you do the focus attack and don’t dash out of it then your ultra willl only land 1 hit, so just remember that if thats what happens when you give it a go, you need to dash as you connect the focus attack. Thats still the most common way I land ultra.

A very important little combo to know is close HP into spiral arrow, I’d recommend you get the hang of that.


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