New to SFxT 2013. New questions!

I recently bought Street Fighter X Tekken for Xbox 360 after watching some tournament footage. The game seems much more playable and watchable than before, though I feel that the game still has some issues that need to be addressed. I want to say my opinions and questions as respectfully as possible, so I appreciate any feedback from you guys.

#1: How balanced is this game now?

I actually looked through the changes list, and so far I definitely agree with system changes. It’s the character balance that I want to look into. How balanced is this game?

I looked through most of the change list for Street Fighter characters and the Tekken characters, and I feel that majority (not all) of the SF cast got nerfed. Are they still playable/viable? I know Chun Li, Guy, and Dudley are seemingly strong, but I’m not too sure of the rest. I feel that majority of the Tekken characters got buffed, and I’m seeing a ton of Nina’s and Hwoarang’s in tournaments. Do you guys feel that this game is well balanced now?

I’m willing to learn Tekken characters for the most part, but I still want to use Street Fighter characters as well. I’ve been messing around with a team of Jin X Ryu, and I’m not sure how viable this team would be.

#2: How big of a learning curve is there in this game?

I’ve playing Street Fighter 4 since Vanilla, and it took me a good few months for me to really learn the ins and outs of the game. The same thing can be said for Super Turbo. How much of a learning curve is there for this game in comparison to AE?

#3: I’m learning Jin X Ryu team! Is this team viable? What other characters would be better?

I’ve been really interested in using Jin after watching Infiltration use him really well in tournaments, so I picked him up first. I’ve always picked Ryu in every Street Fighter game first before possibly switching to another character as my main (I switched to Akuma in SF4 and stuck with Ryu in ST). I’m aware Ryu actually got nerfed, do you think Ryu can still be viable or do you think I should consider switching to another character?

Appreciated if anyone can answer them :slight_smile: I’m definitely willing to learn and pick this game up.

#1 There is a defined top tier, but they aren’t dominating everything like in other games. The whole roster is actually pretty playable. Seeing this is a team game, you can cover the weakness of your characters by each other, so you can bring in characters that do damage, but struggle to close in for instance.

#2 It’s not really hard. It’s actually rather lenient and you have lots of alternative options, without going crazy with 1f links as BNB. That said, it’s as deep mechanicle wise as any other fighting game. You gotta invest time until you’ll get the hang of it.

#3 Jin is one of the top tier characters. He’s not easy to play tho. Ryu is solid. Nothing less but nothing more either.

Jin x Ryu is a viable team, you should be able to go far with those characters

In my opinion the learning curve in this game is not helped by the controls. If you play on a standard 360 or PS3 controller and use analog sticks it’s kinda awkward compared to SF4

People use analog sticks on pad? o.O

My bro actually does that. He had no problems playing SFxT though and I’m afraid he would beat me to a pulp if he would still be playng.

I thought the analog sticks have problems registering diagonals and that’s why people use the D-Pads instead?

Well, i am using 360 pad all the way and it has been broken some time from now^^ Sfxt is only game i can still play with this controller and even so, Injustice is total no no.

I find xbox 360 pad very good. Pads that have microsoft tag on them (old controllers). Ones that have XBOX on them are pure shit.

I respect the fact that you’re using that pad, I struggled with it so much

Can someone please answer this too? How balanced is this game? I only got Zukuu’s opinion, what does everyone else think?

Can’t add much. Zukuu is completely right in my opinion. There are a few characters like Ibuki, Poison and Sakura that are not as strong as the rest but you can still compete with them, if you are willing to put the work into it.

Except for a few things such as Chun Li’s lightning legs being too safe and a few overnerfed normals/specials the game is well balanced. There are probably many things that have yet to be discovered though. I wouldn’t be surprised if any characters will suddenly become top or lower tier.

The game is very balanced and pretty much everybody is usable even in tournament play if you put enough work in, especially if you pair them up with a partner who covers their weaknesses (Akuma/Hugo for example is a decent perfectly viable team because Akuma covers every single one of Hugos weaknesses).

Chun is annoying as shit to fight against but if they made it so that extended heavy lgt legs isnt +1 on block but -1 or maybe -2, the biggest problem would be solved. Hwoarangs dynamite heel being +1 on block is nowhere near as much of an issue, simply because Hwoarang doesnt have far reaching fast normals, and the pushback on it makes it so that its ‘not as bad’ although making it 0 on block like Bisons lk scissors in SF4 would be the right move here too IMO (if it was made negative then his pressure game would suffer quite a bit, although not TOO much)

The learning curve is not steep if you come from older SF games with good fundamentals and you will be rewarded for them in this game much unlike in SF4, however if you come into the game with an SF4 mentality then it will probably take even a month or so to adjust yourself to the fact that this is NOT SF4, and it doesnt play like SF4 at all.

As for your team, Ryu and Akuma are both top 10 IMO, and Jin is considered one of the best in the game, so you cant really go wrong there. I used to run a Jin/Akuma team for a while and both characters are great both with rushdown, (although in a different style) footsies, and with zoning (although Akuma is better in this regard) so it should work fine. Ryu is more defensive than Akuma and plays more conservatively, taking less risks IMO

I actually wanted to ask about balance in more detail because since I haven’t REALLY learned and played the game to a full extent, I felt I should still ask. The reason is also because when I watch tournaments and read the change list, it looks like a good majority of the Street Fighter cast got really really weak, while almost every single Tekken characters got buffs (even Kuma and Nina, whom I’ve heard were pretty good in the Vanilla version… although then again I probably shouldn’t be too judgemental about it).
I’ll still trust you guys on the balance though and try out different characters… What I said above does not express any hatred for Tekken characters, but I’m just more familiar with Street Fighter characters and most of their moves and such. I’ll still give some Tekken characters a try though.

Tekken characters are often fun… So give them a try! I’d never played Tekken before TTT2, and it wasn’t difficult for me to learn them. Besides, they’ve been Street Fighter-ified.

As far as the balance, don’t worry about it too much. The good news is that most of the “top tier” characters are pretty common, so you should get lots of practice against them. In the meantime just try to enjoy the game. :slight_smile: