New To Shoryuken, looking for a good Boxer



Hey everyone, I’m new to the site! Been reading a lot and decided to join in hope of help and tips. I want to become a great street fighter player, I main with Ryu. I struggle a lot with Bison, Boxer and Sagat. I was hoping if anyone on this board was a really good boxer and would play a bit online and give me some tips on my play style against him and such. If interested send me a request, thanks!

GT M Stimac


Ryu is a solid character. I personally think you can stick to the same strategy for most fights and win. Patience, zoning, and punishing properly will win you nearly all matches. But the 3 characters you listed are all also very solid and have strategies to get around most of your offensive options. I only play on PS3 or I would help you out. Good luck.