New to Shoryuken, Not New To Cammy! Some questions to start



I heard that the Cammy-main bunch is a nice, tight-knit group, so I thought I’d travel from the dark underworld of Capcom-Unity to Shoryuken to make some Cammy friends.

To start off my welcome, I guess a good question would be in order!

Against really fast recovering fireball characters like Ryu and Guile, what are Cammy’s approach options? They have such nice wake-ups, too. Just scoring the knockdown feels like an effort!

I try spin-knuckle, but way too much time to get it to connect it feels like, and that they can recover in time. If I jump and canon-strike, they’ll recover and dragon-punch.

Do you think focus-dashing is the most solid approach method?


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Focus absorb dash forward if thats what you mean will run you a high risk of getting smacked on the forward movement.

Really you just got to take what the opponent gives you, there’s not really a one sized fit all way to play.

For fire ballers you have poke, ex spiral arrow, mp hooligan, ex hooligan, block + footsies, ex cannon strike. All good stuff among many other I’m sure that you should have in your arsenal ready to fire. Mix in empty jump ins is good.

Focus absorb+back dash and TKCS to build meter will bait them to you. Personally I like to only do this sparingly cause I prefer to always be close and pressuring my opponent. Not necessarily attacking but in a proximity to them so that it makes them uncomfortable.


Ryu fireballs are easy as hell to punish. Ex hooligan will punish on reaction. Ex SA from 3/4ths screen or closer and it should at least hit with the last part of it. check the matchup thread for tips on guile.


theres a bit of info for this in the stickies


First of all, Welcome to SRK and the Cammy forums.

Second, like MGS was saying, ex hooligan and ex SA are imo the best ways of getting in, if you are at the right distance and can react well, a simple j.HK will punish him for a really good damaging combo, especially if you do a simple j.HK > c.MK > HSA. Building meter with TKCS will allow this to happen pretty early in the match.

I admit, Ryu’s a tough match but he can easily get beaten when he’s baited and we have meter.


a good way to avoid ryu/guile dp/flash kick is after you get a knockdown do a tkcs right next to them, but do it just barely early so that you land and recover, it looks really juicy to them and you can block and punish. another way is after a SA knockdown jump uf immediately and come down with a strike at the top of your jump arc, if you do it right you will be in an area just above there head that is very very difficult to get a DP to hit, they ussually will fly in the air past you and you can arrow back towards them for another knockdown to repeat the process.


Awesome. Yeah, I’ve been using EX-Hooligan throws on reaction. I just hate burning the meter (I’d like to save it for FADCing). But, I have to admit, it’s a great way to reach the opponent. And I usually only have to do it once, unless he manages to get away and reset things.

Thank you for everything! I’ll just try these ways until I find some comfortable options.

And yeah, I like to keep right up in my opponent’s face. Cammy is all about rush-downs and mix-ups to me.


don’t force the rushdown though, one of cammy’s biggest strengths is her ability to get in and out quickly so if the opponent forces you back to neutral don’t trip and be patient to find your way back in.


When against zoning fireballers…BE PATIENT.


and if your not sure about focus absorbing or jumping just block and take the chip


Ex-Spinning Knuckle if you anticipate the fireball. Regular spinning knuckle is a lot harder to land with quick recovering fireballs.


There’s really no flowchart to what you should do. You have many options available and it really depends on how your opponent is reacting and how you condition them for future rounds.

For example, you say you don’t want to waste meter because you would rather save it for an FADC…but you have to judge mental value. Early on in the match if you approach with an EX SA, the next time you have meter the opponent should be weary of throwing a FB when you are 2/3 the screen away.

In another scenario you could just FA backdash a whole bunch of FBs to build utlra meter which passes through FBs =].


Welcome to Shoryuken.

You can punish Fireballs with different options.

For example: If you know your opponent just fireball out the ass and once you get knockdown and when you wake up while you know they will do a fireball, just random ultra I and it will always work or you can use EX Spiral Arrow in close range (Won’t work with Guile’s Low Sonic boom).

In mid-range, go for EX Spiral Arrow, Med. Hooligan Combination, or Med. Spin Knuckle. (Won’t work with Guile)

Long range, try using EX Hooligan Combination, Low Hooligan Combination (Only if you want to stay away from your opponent and give your opponent into a mind game), or just jump up to avoid it.


man Cammy forums are so nice compared to the viper section. If you ask any question its always read the stickys or ask in the Q&A thread then lock. lol


It’s seriously the only reason I post on SRK at all. This section is awesome.


You could probably say the same thing with the Ibuki forums (as in, Cammy forums are nice compared to Ibuki forums).


yeah honestly I’d probably start locking threads and telling people to READ STICKIES when they ask common questions, if only I was a mod.


Funny because half of the Cammy players moved over to the Ibuki forums.


When Sako played Ibuki, I tried to play that character too and read Ibuki forums. But I couldn’t stand the atmosphere there and didn’t post. I was glad when Sako played Cammy again. (Yeah, Sako is my God and religion)


Funny because I don’t recognize many Cammy players in the Ibuki forums.