New to 'Sim - Shangri-La Set Ups?




I’m a relatively new 'Sim user, I’m a Makoto mainer but I want a fun alternate.

I’m very obsessed with the Shanri La ultra. I’m looking for some sweet set-ups to land it. Anyone got any tips?


Short answer - After yoga flames, drills, slides, or Super. People who aren’t familiar with Sim will usually try to counterattack and you can often shangrila them. Its more complicated than that, but that should get you started.


If they jump (and don’t have a move to stay further in the air on reaction to your U2, like EX Tatsumaki) you can U2 while they are falling down. That’s the best way to land this Ultra (think of it like El Fuerte’s U1)


Thanks guys. I had loads of fun landing this on people. Once you get it, they do absolutely anything to avoid it again. Getting the KO screen with it is animated genius.

Also, anyone got any tips for Dhalsim’s wake-up game? Fighting Cody online is a nightmare, as escape seems borderline impossible, especially when cornered. Is it best just to block & tech?


Yes, it’s the only thing you can actually do if they know what they are doing.


When cornered vs. Cody, always be looking for the Cody player to do that spin kick (forward + heavy kick). Sim will duck under it and can throw him if you are quick. Cody players tend to use this if their attack strings push them back a little too far, but there might be some Codys that never use it.


Since you are looking for a setup. Yoga fire, fadc (backdash), U2.
Your opponent will most likely jump over the fireball for that free punish goodness and eat U2 instead. This was already posted here but im to lazy to find you a quote.