New to SRK, And Cammy

Hey guys id like to start off by saying hello. The names Haxial but my Gamertag is different as you can see. I been playing Cammy seriously for about a few months now.

I’m having trouble with her cross up. When i try and land it i just can’t get it, more specifically, her Jump. LK to combo into her bnb etc.

For some reason i just cant get it.

Hope to get some casuals going. :slight_smile:

-Much Appriciated


welcome, to the boards and to Delta Red…

check out CQC thread for casuals (Cammy Quick Casuals… huha :rofl:)

and for Q&A , use the search tool on the Q&A sticky… if you cant find what you are looking for then simply post a question there…

about jumping lk combos… you can combo lights after it like or c.lp… followed by your regular bnb… or simply, CS/SA

just make sure you delay the lk crossup… it should hit them deep enough to combo afterwords…

and you can combo standing close mp if your is deep enough… and followed by, hk sa

Hi! Welcome to the forums!

Be sure to hit your opponent’s shoulder blade late to make sure you can combo. You’re at the ideal distance when you’re a few steps off from your opponent’s feet (like when you Spiral Arrow someone from upclose and it hits). Hope you enjoy the forums.