New to SRK and the Fighting scene

Hey guys, as the title suggests I’m new here and really just started getting into fighting games. I was previously involved in the competitive Halo community for about 5 years or so but have really grown bored of it and seeing as how I’ve always been interested in fighters I figured I may as well give it a shot. I’ve been playing MK9 and SSF4 for a little while now but I am pretty bad haha Basically I’m here to introduce myself and to look for people to play with and such. So if anybody has any advice for me or would like to play feel free to add me online! (I play on xbox 360 right now.)


Welcome to the forums, there’s lots of good advice to be read. If you have already have a character in mind, stop by their forum for answers to pretty much anything you could be wondering. <a href=“”>I’ve been working on a guide for ssf4 beginners, take a look and lmk what you think.</a>

Hey, Welcome. As I’m sure nearly anyone will say, feel free to PM me if you have any questions or whatever.

Welcome to SRK forums! Make sure you look around on the forums and ask around for help when you need it. There is so much to offer here. We have guides on SSFIV, UMVC3, and other noteworthy games, including meta game and character specific guides. Enjoy yourself!


Welcome welcome. Make sure you look around all the subforums and find things you’re interested in. There’s all sorts of useful stuff here. Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and get help, just read the rules and try to look for answers before asking things. Most of us here are pretty nice. You can PM me if you need anything super specific.

Kinda weird I also just started getting into fighting games after playing Halo for years haha. Heard this was a good place to get started and learn a little bit about the game, guess I heard right!

If you guys know absolutely nothing, I’d recommend buying the downloadable game skullgirls, as it has a tutorial that teaches you starting with the basics up to air combos and such. Helped me quite a bit. :3

Ill probably add you for SSF4. Since your new ill just use random select when we fight until I figure out what you’re capable of and can handle so that your learning experience is at least enjoyable. I know that mine wasn’t :confused: Also welcome to the forums!