New to SSF4 AE, Hakan questions

So I recently picked up SSFIV for PS3 and I’m loving it, I played the original one on PC but the Super version has an amazing selection of characters, I just picked up Hakan and he’s one fun oily dude. I’m new to the game but I do know the terms and have practiced a little in the old SF4. So I got a couple of questions:

  1. Is oiling up basic? Do i have to keep oiling up when I get a chance?
  2. I’ve done some trials and practiced a little also watched a couple of matches with him and he seems to be good at just using normals. What is like your BnB combo or move? I think crouching mk into slide works pretty well. I don’t jump too often in games so perhaps I’m missing out on some oportunities with him
  3. Any changes since SF4, in the game in general(gameplay)?

Thanks for your time, just joined the forums and I’m going through the SSF forums, they have some awesome content there :slight_smile:

There is the Hakan Subfoums…might help you out there with your Hakan.