New To SSF4 AE. Looking For A Stick. Help!

I have been playing SSF4 AE on XBL for a couple months now and have decided to get a fight stick. My budget is $50-80. I want a 8 button fight stick. I have looked at these sticks so far: Injustice Battle Stick, WWE Brawl SE, and the Street Fighter IV SE. Can you guys give any insight on what you think about these sticks or any others within my budget? Also, regarding the Injustice Stick, i am not a fan of the game and do not like the artwork on the stick. I understand that the artwork is 7 1/4 by 12, which is bigger than normal paper. How would i go about getting my art printed and where would i find others art for those dimensions? I know that for the other sticks you remove the buttons, peel it of, and put on another one. Does the art for those sticks have to be on some sort of sticky paper? That should cover it all. Please help. I’m a noob.

Also what are the dimensions for the other two madcatz sticks art?

Actually you can replace the art with standard 8 x 11 size paper.
<- I should know, Return of Justice. Darksakul's Injustice Mod worklog

The Injustice stick is relatively easy to mod if you just want to change the feel of the buttons/joystick. Full mod like I done will be more "challenging"
The Brawl SE stick parts are the most mod friendly but the art can be difficult.

Here is the art template for just about every stick

Do all sticks have the same dimensions for its art and are all the sticks in the link follow those dimensions? Where would i print it? At home? A special store?

You could get art printed at Fedex Office, or this website offers print and cut for some stick templates, heres the injustice one I think As said above switching the art on a brawlstick is a little more tricky. This guide gives you an idea of what you’d have to do Getting the art printed yourself is fairly easy and cheap, surf around on here and look for some tutorials Info Thread: Rules, FAQs and Tutorials Inside. (READ THIS BEFORE HITTING THAT NEW THREAD BUTTON!)

Ok. Tyvm everyone. Im loving the FGC so far!

This is the helpful bit of it! :wink:

What do you guys think of 6 button arcade sticks vs 8 button arcade sticks and the Xbox 360 Hori Fighting Stick VX? I saw the Mad Catz SSF4 arcade stick for $40 for Gamestop’s website but it looks like is discontinued. Is there anywhere i can still get it for the same price?

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But seriously, for most fighters you only need 6 buttons. For that stick you are going to have to look for used or resale units because they are, in fact, discontinued. You cans till get “SE” form factor sticks new from MadCatz but they are branded “KE” or “Korean Edition” which will have a Crown joystick instead of Sanwa or Sanwa knockoff. —>

Both that stick and the Pro model MadCatz arcade stick are around $130 retail. You can find the Pro model here —>

Seems like your options are limited at the moment. The cheaper wrestling-branded brawlstick is kind of pricey for the 360. Also, as the above poster already said, it looks like Madcatz is discontinuing the Sanwa style SE’s in favor of newer editions with Crown sticks (which I’m dying to try). So, there’s little chance the SE’s are going to go down in price any time soon. Really, if you can find the Injustice stick still for 40, I’d say that that’s probably your best bet. It’s not great, but, stock, it’s a decent stick and is accurate. I, personally, replaced a lot of the parts because I didn’t like the feel of them, but I never had any problems pulling off moves. And yes, the artwork is terrible. I actually replaced mine today with a print I got from tek-innovations (already linked earlier on this thread). The site provided a template that I added my composition to and that was it. The print even comes pre-cut. I highly recommend his services.

As for your question about button count, you really only need 6. If one has 8, then you get two extra that you’ll probably never use. As long as you have at least 6, then anything past that shouldn’t be a deal maker or breaker.