New to SSF4 AE: Need some rose help (combos, etc.)

first, i passed the trial mode to lvl 15 yeah not that great but hey…
what do u think about the combo thats in there: j.HP -> HP -> hard reflect -> weak soul throw
is it a combo that i should be using in matches or is it to shitty?
i noticed that i can use her super instead of weak soul throw.

what are roses block strings?
like, i fight an opponent sitting and blocking, what attacks should i be using?

what are the first 1-2 BnBs that i should learn? in the sticky there are toooo much combos for me…
i cant tell which is good and which not, which 1-2 combos should i pick up and learn?
im using c.lp -> c.lp -> weak kick soul spiral…
what other combos are worth using at noob levels?

does she got anything easy like Yuns: lp,lk,mp into his fireball motion punch

what should i do, if the opponent is jumping in at me while i sit and block, with an foot attack?
(like ryu is jumping at me with medium kick.)
the enemy always hits me, and if i stand up and just walk back to block high, i get ownd by other attacks

what should i do if i just sit there and block because i get pressured like f*** ? :frowning:

pls help me

>>J.HP -> HP -> hard reflect -> weak soul throw
Yes !!! you should master this one!! this is the meterless max damage combo in the corner. Note that you can do it with Crouch HP in place of HP. it 's a bit easier to execute and it will not change much :
In fact: i think that with HP => more stun. and with Crouch.HP => more dmg.
Outside corner: C.HP xx Spiral is her max punish combo without meter

>>what are roses block strings?
C.lp,clp… (up to 4)
and C.lp(s) into are her only true blockstring.

>>what are the first 1-2 BnBs that i should learn? in the sticky there are toooo much combos for me…
As combo, you should try to learn her 1-frame link: C.LK ,C.MP
because most of her combos except for the first one that you mentioned are variations of this one… and its her only way to do hitconfirm combo.
Other interesting ones are :
Counterhit or meaty Close MK,(C.lp,, xx spiral
Slide(hit with the very end of the slide), C.MPxx Spiral
And of course you need to learn to cancel your spiral into Super… It is quite easy.

>>does she got anything easy like Yuns: lp,lk,mp into his fireball motion punch
Yes, we could say that C.lp,(C.lp,),, xx EX Spiral (or lk spiral on certain characters with big hitbox: Zangi, T. Hawk,Abel at least…) but the problem is that all of her combos involved the 1-frame link into so not easy combo^^

>>what should i do, if the opponent is jumping in at me while i sit and block, with an foot attack?
C.HP is a very good anti-air if you have time.
Soul throw
Stand up and block is the safest option. It just means that you do not stand quickly enough when the opponent jumps at you.

But if you want to use Rose, you have to learn her gameplay because she is very different from a lot of character in Streeet fighter.
She is all about, zoning, footsies,frametraps but she does not have much shining combos !!
I my opinion, her frametraps is what makes her a fantastic character and her tool to open the opponent guard (i am not sure of the word in English) . This what makes the opponent fears to press a button because with Rose in your face he does not know if he 's gonna take a counter hit or not!
And the spacing… a lot of unsafe rose’s move became safe or frame trap when spaced correctly

So first: learn to Zone !! learn your spacing!! watch vids !! so you can see her potentiel.

thank you for your time
very useful :slight_smile:

my two cent.

2 Combos you MUST know as a rose player?
c. jab > c. short > c. strong xx spiral ** a good hit confirm**
sc. strong > c. strong xx spiral ** a good frame trap**

Anti airs?
At neutral, cr. fierce works. If they jump at a distance, you can use slide and hit their trip guard. Usually you can throw/tech afterwards. There’s a distance in between where you can do neither but it requires them to space themselves pretty well. Well, you’ll figure that spot out when you play some more and hopefully find ways to keep them away from that spot. If you don’t want to worry about anything, backdash and then spiral work fine too.

Rose is a fundamentals heavy type of character. If you’re not ready to learn about zoning, footsies, and spacing, you will not have fun playing rose. She no longer has a good u2 to fall back on if you’re still weak at those aspects.

TL;DR version: Low learning curve to pick up. High learning curve to get good.

Rose is all basic fundamentals, so what you need to learn are fundamentals.

Fundamentals transfer from every game.

can someone give me advice about 3xcrouchlp+lk.drill a success?tried it many times but timing is hard when should i go for drill?

why would you want to do that combo? If you feel your reactions really are THAT bad and you know that you can’t hit confirm for shiet…then i would just go for the c. lp > c. lp > c. lk > c. mp xx ex spiral hit confirm.

I badly need it for challenge mode :sweat:, and was that a 3 or 4frame link combo?

OK. So the trick is that there is a difference between Chainable and Linkable moves.
C.lp are chainable. It means that you do not need any timing to link a C.lp into another C.lp. It’s like cancelling a normal move into a special move like into spiral…
C.lp is chainable and cancellable. BUT you cannot cancel a move that you have chain!!

It means that you have to chain the 2 first C.lp, BUT for the 3 rd one, you have to input it as a link.
If you input it as a link then you will be able to cancel the C.lp into spiral.
So start to work with C.lp link into C.lp cancelled into spiral. If the 2nd C.lp is blocked => you are two slow sith your input
If the Siral does not come out, it means you have chained the 2 c.lp and you have to slightly delay the input of the second one.
When you have success with that, try the full combo.

i know you are asking questions about trial mode and i am guessing you are new to the character. I am going to put my two cents in and going to say this character is not a ken, ryu, fei, balrog, sagat, etc. starting out you are going to get overwhelmed because you have to work for your wins with rose, but once you get her down she is fun to play, so dont get discouraged.

on the opposite i feel like at low level rose is a lot easier to get wins with because you can drill all day and not get punished

@kelter. That’s true at low levels because cr.strong spiral > cr. strong was essentially a really solid frame trap. The thing was, if they had good timing, they could counter it making the distances in which you could do that frame trap more difficult. In AE, cr. strong spiral > cr. strong only works if you hit the frametrap PERFECTLY with hk spiral at max distance. Any other distance will get stuffed by normals now. It’s better to do cr. spiral and the walk back > st. forward.

Its the last trial I need before I can get the flag XD, thank you for clarifying those chain and links move. So at the 3rd c.lp I have to input/link lk.drill right away to make it work right?

Yes, you have to input the drill very quickly after the 3rd C.lp. Just try to do C.lp xx spiral in order to see how fast you have to input it. If the Spiral is block or does not come out, it means you are not fast enough:sweat:
You’re gonna succeed. It is not the most difficult IMO.