New to SSF4 , but man!

Hey Guys
I´m completely new to SSF4 (pc) just started a little over a month ago, and really getting into it, but now I see A TON of vids, strats, guids and so on, about SFxT, and I have to admit, it looks better and better every time I see it. SO! I really love SSF4 and been practicing ALOT, but if I went over to SFxT, when it comes out on PC, would it ruin my SSF4 game? Is there such a big difference between the 2 games?..

The thing you won’t be able to pick up by watching video is the difference in pace between the two games. In motion, the two title look to be the same speed, but that is very far from the truth.

Both titles have their own tempo. I would say SFIV is slower, but not in the same way that it is slower than something like uMC3.

It’s the little things in SFxT that feel the same, but are so different that you’ll have an adjustment period. One of the first things you’ll notice is the change in jump speed and angle. The characters will feel a bit more floaty in SFxT than in SFIV. You’ll also notice that the timing and hit window for moves is more wide than SFIV, though, once again, not as much as uMvC.

I could go on in terms of how different the use of normals, jump-ins trading more often, and the effect of combo juggling is, but it’s all things that will come in time. The tempo and pace of the game are the main differences.

So, to answer, I don’t think it will mess you up too much. But, really, it’s going to change from person to person.

Sorry if it’s vague. The best solution is probably just playing it and seeing for yourself.

No not at all man, that was very good answer, pretty clear to me now , thx buddy :O)

honestly playing multiple fighting games is going to strengthen ur fundamental understanding of how to play them. other than having one in a million natural talent, justin wong can pick up games much much faster than most people because he’s been a top player at so many different titles. he can apply a concept he learned from game x to game y, when most players of game y never played game x. if that makes sense.

I do that with shooters. =D