New to SSF4, couple of newbie questions

New to SRK so hi all. I’ve just bought SSF4 about a week ago, having only played SF4 at a friend’s house previously. I’m not new to street fighter having played the street fighter 2/alpha games quite a lot, although I wouldn’t say I was anything other than average at them. I’ve mained Ken since SF2.

First question - I’ve come across a large number of hugely defensive players online and have been having a lot of trouble breaking them down. It isn’t zoning so much as getting as far away as possible and throwing out projectiles/anti-air. Bison players as well, except that they get in the corner and throw out a few fake head-stomps. Are Ken’s options limited when dealing with this? Or do I need to utilize focus attacks/be patient against them?

Second question - I’ve been playing the odd game with Seth. He seems like an interesting character, but his stamina is horrible and he doesn’t seem very forgiving if you make the slightest mistake. Just wanted to ask for a few tips for a beginner? Also, is it a good idea to start off with him - he seems pretty hard to use. I have checked out the Seth section but a lot of that went way over my head!

Thanks for taking the time to read/reply.

Be patient with defensive players like that; at the end of the day if they don’t have perfect spacing with their fireballs they’re gonna have to guess what you do, whether that’s focussing through it, jumping forward or jumping straight up. You should then capitalise on it as well as you can.

As for Seth - he’s very hard to play well because as you say he has low damage output, stamina and stun. What he can do is play complicated guessing games with his opponent and easily control space and relocate himself.
I would not recommend him to a new player. Ken is great for learning the game though.

Thanks for the response. I’ll probably stick with Ken until I’ve got the basics in that case. Having searched the site and forums most of my other questions have already been answered except one. I’ve done a few of the harder trials and they seem a bit excessive and impractical. I was just wondering whether they can, in fact, be executed in a match or whether they’re just there to show what’s possible?

Kens combos are pretty difficult

I’d use Ryu

Have you read through Domination?

Domination 101

Most trial combos are totally pointless, there are a few practical ones in there, and a few that can be altered slightly for more realistic use.

Look in the Ken forums for your go to BnB’s, and learn how to hit confirm your Ultra and a few good high damage setups.