New to SSF4

Hi, I’d like to know which characters are the most defensive in SSF4. I’m mainly too defensive so I’d like to know which characters are mostly defensive and punishers. I’ve been messing around in training but I seriously don’t know which ones are punishers… if it’s not too much to ask would someone please write a list of all the characters divided into a style of play such as offensive,defensive,punisher,etc…? If not then just the characters that are defensive. It’d be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

(thanks for pointing me the this area of the forums ClxJames).

People say Chun, Honda and Dhalsim are turtle style so I guess go for them.

I think i’d stick more to Seth, Abel or Honda… not sure but those three are interesting to me… not sure which to use though, and obviously asking people to pick one is dumb. Guess I’ll just pick one of those three.

If you are new to SSF4 then Seth probably isn’t a good character to jump into. Dhalism, Honda, Chun, and Guile are all turtley characters; however, any character with a good zoning capabilities can also be played in a defensive manner.

If you’re new, personally I wouldn’t go with a lower stamina character simply because it gives you a larger margain for error (arguably). There are quite a few good choices, Honda or Dhalsim would probably be my pick though. I know Dhalsim has a sub-par stamina rating but he makes up for it with the sheer ammount of tools he has, really good to get your fundamentals down. If you watch Mike Ross’s Honda though he can also be quite offensive with it if you’d like a more well-rounded character, while Dhalsim’s arsenal of tools IMO is second to none in Super (plus it gives you a good grasp of fundamentals) for turtling. Sagat is traditionally the defensive “King”, but his learning curve is quite steep, and in super you have to work quite a bit for your damage (comparing to Vanilla)

If you’re still unsure, the best way to check in my opinion is to watch, search up some videos on these channels:
YouTube - FrameAdvantageDotCom’s Channel
YouTube - OptionSelectDotCom’s Channel

I’d probably stick more to the American players, for me Japan is sometimes a bit hard to follow and a bit ahead when learning a new character (still worth a look though, some guys are just beasty) and for the love of God, do not go anywhere near DSP’s channel. He’s quite popular but… he has absolutely no idea with some of the specifics of the engine and i haven’t seen a single video that doesn’t whinge of lag.

Take this all with a grain of salt though, I’m not the greatest of players

The most defensive characters I played against are definitely E Honda and Dhalsim. But those are definitely hard characters to learn though. Since people who are fimilar with the match up will give you a hard time. I suggest you not play defensively with abel, he is surprisingly really offensive with all the mix ups he has. Maybe try Sagat, he is really good a keeping people out. He has fireballs, an uppercut,, for juggles into ultra, and a good offensive style. Also has decent punishes, even better if you know how to make use of angry scar.

how about guile?

I see people recommending Dhalsim… idk I always found his floatyness in the air a bit uncomfortable, it feels like a jump in halo (huge endless jump), but I could get through that… so you’re saying Dhalsim is a great defensive/punisher? also I see spideyman said Guile… how is guile in terms of play? (I’ve only gone to training to check out moves and such so I really don’t know how they play out against people).