New to SSF4

Hey everyone,
Im brand new to the street fighter series and wondering who i should pick to main as. I do not like playing Ryu at all!!! Even tho everyone says to pick him. I need someone with very easy combos… i love akuma and play him in marvel but heard hes a real hard character to play in SF… Please help:)

Akuma’s playstyle relies heavily on offensive strategies. You must prorate his tools effectively to keep the opponent guessing. When I played 3rd strike Akuma, I was foolish enough to spend most of my time practicing his combos. However, his combos will help you execution-wise because they involve juggling one special into another.

As everyone should know by now, doing the strongest combos for your character, isn’t going to guarantee you a win. In SF4, Akuma isn’t as fast paced as he was before, so untechable knockdown mixups are common setups for Akuma to continue pressure.

Here is the kicker: it may be best not to use his most damaging combos on an opponent because they negate certain setups that Akuma can use on wakeup.

Akuma’s mixups as demonstrated by my god and yours, Tokido:

thanks alot dude i appreciate it

if you love Akuma in Marvel, play him in SSFIV! :slight_smile:

You can feel free to play Akuma, I did when I first picked the game up, but it is a VERY frustrating road to success. He is NOT a beginner character at all so unless you have great patience I’d wait to pick him up.

The reason for this is he is RIDICULOUSLY fragile, so one mistake can lose you 1/4 health against a decent player very easily. Not to mention his bag of tricks for his mix-ups is so large that you have to have an excellent understanding of the character, matchups, and game in general to make full use of them and not become predictable.

And let’s not forget the need to actually know how to create an opportunity to put said mixups into action.

Cody can be a very good character to begin with : he’s got good normals, good damage and easy combos. His weaknesses will appear gradually as you play against better players (basically : all his specials are kind of risky) but he’s a character you can have fun with very quickly.