New to SSF4

Just picked up the game and a stick. I’ve been messing around in trial mode with different characters and I seem to like Bison. Is he a viable character? I dont need to play a top tier because frankly I’m not good enough for it to matter but I also don’t want to main a shitty character. Also what’s his general play style? I know it varies depending on the opponent but whats a bison player’s strategy going into a fight?

He is very viable in this game. He’s at B tier, some would even say A tier. He does well, and wins tournies every now and then. He isn’t broke like twins though, but he is a very solid choice. However the higher up you go in competitive play, the more effort it takes to win with him. He is safe once you know what you are doing, has great gimmicks that are also safe when used properly and his simple moveset belies the fact he has good mindgame potential in the hands of a clever player, amazing set of normals, one of the best footsie games, god like pokes, very mobile, a frame 3 short cr lk, good pressure, good rushdown, can even lame it out, turtle, or run the clock. He has some of the best escape tools in the game with many different reversals to chose from, however you cant abuse this at higher levels and be predictable with it or you will get option selected.

Weakness is he doesn’t have best damage output around (still not THAT low), doesn’t have go to anti airs so you have to have good reactions/blocking. He does have jump heavy kick on reaction and stand heavy kick (requires spacing which brings me to… )

you need to have good spacing to play him, spacing is very important for Bison. He doesn’t require a lot of tech skill but being able to do his 2 frame link cr lk is super important, cr lk x3 to sk is one of his most important bnbs for the gaining charge utility. Also, baiting and punishing is something very important in his game.