New to stick - Advice on TE2+ or Qanba Dragon? Any advice would be seriously appreciated!

Hey guys, I’ll try to get right to the point here…
I’m looking to finally buy a PS4 fightstick after years away from the arcade.
I can buy a Madcatz TE 2+ new for $199 or a new Qanba Dragon for $239.
I like the size of the MC but I worry about being one of the unlucky few to get a bad board or button and now there’s no MC to set that right…
and what if I ever needed a replacement cable?
I have already looked at the Obsidian but the Dragon for $40 extra is pretty tempting.
I’ll mostly be playing at home but might take it to a friends house once in a while. No tournaments in my near future.
If anyone is willing to take a moment to give some advice/opinions, I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

Hey Tensho - Thank you. I have read through it before. I actually looked over it again before posting.
I just feel that the Mad Cat being put to sleep has made me question buying one at this point in the game…
and the Dragon came out since that thread was last updated. I know that a lot of it is just opinion but
that would help me, coming from someone with experience.

I think that is way too much for ether stick.

Mad Catz is defunct. Their last gen sticks (TE2+, TES+) have had numerous reported PCB issues.
Qanba is not defunct, and is rather active within the FGC, social media and support channels.

That should answer your question right there. Enjoy your Dragon (or Obsidian).

…Which pretty much echoes what I said in just three sentences, but thanks for sharing the supplemental evidence!

Dragon ordered.
Your straightforward answer sealed my decision jopamo.
Thanks for your time and info guys! (Cool reddit too…)