New to stick. Really any difference between low end and high end

Ok. Currently i have the honcam arcade stick for ps3 ps2 and pc.( I bought it casue i didn’t know if i would even like the controls of stick and to get a feel for it. At first i HATED and was glad i didn’t spend 200 bucks on some high-end stick. But after a while it grew on me and i the only games i play are fighters now 3d and 2d. I was gonna upgrade to a higher stick and get the hori edge for ps3. But now my cousin who before stated he hated fighters and all people do is spam and shoot fireballs all of a sudden got into fighters and now i have to buy all my fighters over again for xbox to play with him. (We changes to a new fighter every 2 months too. thanfully SF4, soul calibur, SFXT, persona, and many others are cheap now). So now im thinking instead of spending 200 on one stick for ps3 should buy two quanba 1 sticks ( and One for xbox and one for ps3. I would still need a ps3 stick for blazblue and under night in birth and other fighters xbox doesn’t see. Or should just buy the dual modded stick from eight arc .

My main question is there really a difference between the homcam 40 dollar sick and a 200 dollar hori edge. What exactly makes a high end stick a high end stick. For the most part i think the honcam is responsive however it has issues with left movements where it would sometimes double or triple the input causing random dashes. but besides that i think it works fine but i dont have a 200 dollar stick to compare it too so i dont know. Dont want to spend 200 if theres only a slight improvement like the stick just looking better and having slightly better response. cause if that’s the case i would just buy two “medium quality” quanaba 1 sticks for both 360 and ps3 and be fine.

Quality on construction, wiring, Quality of buttons and Joystick. ease of replacing broken or worn out buttons, ect. But you should not have made this thread since there is already a sticky a few posts up dealing with this subject

You could just invest in one Qanba Q4 RAF or Eightarc Fusion (they’re the same stick more or less) that works on both ps3 and 360.

You may wanna check this out. It might help. I thought it was pretty good as a general guide.

Don’t know much about that particular stick, but you can get pretty great sticks for under $100 bucks if you’re patient on ebay. I just got a MvC madcatz TE for $75 with shipping and I’m really happy with it. I was using a hori ex2 before, which was fine for a time, but this has made a world of difference.

Please stop sharing this, the folks over at Tech Talk have already called this out for being highly biased and inaccurate.

I got 3 madcatz sticks used 2 TEs for $75 each, and 1 Chun Li TEs for $50