New to sticks need some help with my HRAP3

I Bought a HRAP3 off of Ebay a while ago, and I opened it up to have a little poke around as I intend to change the buttons from Hori to Semitsu and I found this restrictor plate.

Is that the standard Restrictor plate for a HRAP3 or has the previous owner changed it out? Also I notice that I can lift the little orange plate in the middle up and move it into different positions, one at the top near to the SANWA name, one in the middle and one at the bottom do these positions change anything?

And finally is it easy to change the artwork on the front and could anyone provide a link to a thread that explains it or has templates at all? I’m sure you’ve all answered these questions before but I tried searching about restrictor gates and got hardly anything.

That’s an octagon gate, the standard is actually a square gate. On a square gate, rotating it locks it between 4-way and 8-way, but rotating an octagon gate doesn’t do anything.