New to Street Fighter Community, couple of questions


Hey guys. I’ve been playing street fighter since i was little, but I am new to the competitive community and I come from the Super Smash Brothers Melee Community. I was just wondering these few things.

Where is a place for me to find some tournaments locally. Is there a regional tournament forum to get people all in one area?

I was beasting on some scrubs in Hd remix in some ranked matches, and this one guy i fought was much better than the usual players I fight, so I changed my play style and became more aggressive to beat him. He then started cursing me out and said that i was tap throwing. What is that?

Lastly, which game should I stick with to be part of the largest community in the street fighter series?

Thanks alot, and I hope to play you all some day :slight_smile:


The tournaments section of this site is a great way to find tournaments. There isn’t a regional tournament forum, but it still isn’t too hard to find out what is available near you.

He was probably meaning to say you were “tick throwing.” A tick throw is when you put your opponent in block stun or hit stun, with an attack, and then throw him immediately after he recovers from stun and returns to a neutral state. It’s often seen when someone blocks an attack and a throw is timed for the moment they get out of block stun, and if they are still holding the block they get thrown. To a new person or a scrub it can look like you’re getting forced into being thrown, it can be beat by reversals among other things.

Also if you want to be part of the biggest Street Fighter community, now it would definitely be Super Street Fighter 4. With ~2000 people playing in EVO and tournaments popping up literally all over the place, it is by far the most popular tournament game in the series right now.

Welcome to the competitive community!


Pretty much exactly this, SSF4 is really the only seriously active game right now unless you happen to luck out and be in a specific region where older SFs are still exceedingly popular. Don’t get me wrong, people still play ST, HDR and 3S, just not nearly as many as SSF4.

The only downside is that SSF4 is quite different playstyle-wise, it’s much more defense-, poke-, and zoning-oriented than past games IMO, where obviously all of the above was important, but not to the degree that it is in SSF4. Also, links can be a pain in the ass to learn.

Good luck and welcome!


Tap throwing: Tagging the opponent with a normal then immediately following up with a throw…

The dude who messaged you is some obnoxious douchebag who is salty over a loss, pay no attention…

play to win and use whatever is in the game to win… some people think of it as cheating because they don’t know that it can be easily beaten out…


Thanks a lot guys. My last question is can some body give me a general synopsis of who the top pros are and then who are the other best players below the pros? By this i mean like the mlg/evo/ etc big tournament winners who are most known in the community. The only good person i know is a person named daigo or something like that. my friends keep mentioning. But I want to know where everything currently stands in the scene. And what characters are these players good with if not too much trouble.


You can go to the Media section and look at the tournament videos. You’ll get a pretty good idea of who the top players are since they’ll be in many videos/tournaments.


Who’s your main character? Don’t base your choice of main off of one of the best players’ choices, especially since many top players use 2+ characters essentially equally, choose a character who’s playstyle fits yours as that’s extremely important to success in this game.

But besides that, a few top players would be:

  • Daigo: Arguably the best player in the world right now, essentially only plays Ryu but occasionally Guile.
  • Justin Wong: Almost unarguably the best player in the US, plays a variety of characters including Rufus, Balrog, and occasionally Fei Long to surprise his opponent (plays other characters those are just the first few that come to mind).
  • Marn: Top tier player, just won Devastation 2010 although the above two players weren’t there. Plays Rufus, C. Viper, and Dudley.
  • Alex Valle: Variety of characters, used to be a top player, still a good contender but has lost a lot of his reflexes (dude’s like almost 40 now?).
  • Momochi: Japanese player, doesn’t fly out to US tournaments so hard to find matches with english commentary, plays Akuma and Ibuki.

There are many more but those should get you started.


Mago - Top Japanese Pro that has Daigos’ Number
Iyo - Again Top Japanese Pro that has Magos’ Number
Sanford Kelly - US pro that was able to beat Daigo
Floe - US pro that plays Juri

These are the people that stands out to me that havnt been mentioned