New to Street Fighter, in need of advice


Hello there, given that I’m not good when it comes to introductions, I’ll just cut to the chase: A few days ago, I purchased Super Street fighter IV with a desire to learn the game and become a competitive player; I have since been on the lookout for a quality full Sanwa or Sanwa stick/Seimitsu button Fight Stick and I was been wondering what the most cost-effective and reliable stick would be…


I could sell you a sanwa modded standard edition if you’re interested lol, i’ve been looking to sell it for some time since I bought a TE. It’s essentially the same as a TE just alot lighter.


Madcatz Tournament Edition Fightstick

If there’s a tournament coming happening soon, Markman will throw promotions out there for some % off the price.


Most cost effective would be to buy a MadCatz S.E fightstick and the replace the buttons/joystick with sanwa/semitsu parts. However on the Trading forum i’m sure you can get a second hand T.E for cheap. I got my Xbox T.E for $80 shipped


So the consensus seems to be the TE fightstick? What about Hori; could that also work?


Hori hrap would work as well, they tend to have Seimitsu parts over Sanwa parts and the controller it self cost a little more.
Arguing Seimitsu or Sanwa is like arguing Coca-cola or Pepsi, each person have there preferences with their pros and cons.

Average retail price of a TE is $150, average retail of a Hrap is $170. Some people here prefer Hori over Mad Catz but that is also personal preference.

Price wise I suggest with the TE. Me personally, I own nether one instead I have a completely custom build stick, which for a starting player isn’t suggested.


I ended up starting out with a SE fightstick. Sold it to a friend and bought a TE. Now Im in the process of building my own. Personally I wish i had just gotten a TE to start with. Sure it costs more up front but you’ll enjoy it much more from the get go. If you find out its not for you you can always just sell it back without losing to much cash.



hori uses sanwa parts, only hori SE sticks uses seimitsu last i remember.

go with a Hori RAP, everyone will be jealous of you


^ if it doesn’t have an SA OR SE in the name it uses Hori parts. Besides the VLX that is.

If you’re patient enough you can grab a New TE for 70-100 dollars on eBay which would almost be around the same price as modding an SE stick.

There was also a HRAP-EX SE on Amazon that was like 80~ dollars, dunno if it still is.