New to street fighter with no fighting game experience



im new to street fighter and no experience in fighting games, and im also trying to learn cody. guys any tips for a player trying to learn? thanks!


Learn to anti-air, first and foremost. You’ll get a lot of wins from people just jumping straight into your moves early on, and it’s an invaluable skill when both you and your opponents get better as well.

Learn the range of your moves, and when to apply them effectively.

Get a couple of very basic combos down, so that you can get as much damage as possible out of much smaller hits. With Cody, c.HP xx HP Criminal Upper is a very easy and fairly powerful punish combo, and he has a pretty simple hit-confirm combo in c.lp c.lp xx MP Criminal Upper (or MK Ruffian Kick).

Start with those things. There’s a myriad of other things to learn, but these are invaluable, and are very beneficial to know in all the games you play, so focus on those first. =)


Doesn’t matter which characters you are trying to learn, it all comes down to the same, fundamentals.
-Anti airing; use for close jump ins, for further jumpins use and st.hp. If you have a read or good reaction then use hk.ruffian. If you are “too late” then just block or try Generally your is your go to anti-air, it is extremely good against close jump ins.
-Basic hitconfirms; cr.lp,cr.lp, xx special is your go to hitconfirm, the purpose of this is to see if the opponent is getting hit or not by the first two cr.lp attacks. On hit you’ll finish the combo and on block you’ll change it up or stop and try to bait a reversal. Go into training mode and set the dummy to random block and see if you can visually differentiate when the dummy is blocking or not after 2 cr.lp attacks. Have a plan what to do on block and what to do on hit.
-Basic punishes; - cl.hp, xx special
- cr.hp xx special
- xx special

-Reversals; your reversal is EX Criminal Upper but it tends to trade and is really really unsafe and you can be thrown out of the startup, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it, however don’t get predicatble with it. EX Zonk is another reversal but you’ll have to hold 2 buttons for a while to release it, i suggest mp and hp as you can still tech throws and do hitconfirms. Best option often is to just block.

-Spacing; how to use your moves and which ones at which times is one of the most important aspects but also one of the most difficult things of SF, this only comes with experience, you’ll know the ranges and usefullness of your moves and which moves are good in which matchups. This is trial and error mostly and there is no easy path, it’s something you will have to really experience yourself.

SSFIV/USFIV is one of the fighting games where you can really learn from watching other people play, look up some good Cody players on say Youtube and actively think about the things they are doing. This might also open you up to be creative in your own playstyle. Some good Cody players: Momochi, Sasaki(Dnm3rd), Furansujin, Karipaku, TeasingButton, BJUnchained. I hbolded the best Cody players.

Last tip, get someone to play with you, a training partner, if you have friends that want to learn SF then great, you can get a little rivalry going and teach and learn from eachother, be this online or offline. This also makes the experience ALOT more fun. If you already know someone who plays the game, even better then he can teach you and point out the things you are doing wrong, but also what you are doing wrong.

Don’t be disheartened if you’ll lose alot as most people who play USFIV nowadays have been doing so for the last 4 years probably, you picked a tough time to get into SF but also a good times as far as resources for information goes. There is no shortage of that. Try to have fun and don’t make it a “job” as you’ll get burned out on it.