New to Street Fighter.

Good day SRK, I came here for advice on SF. I’ve played in the past but never really tried to learn how to play beyond a few basic inputs. The main fighting games I have played are Blazblue, Guilty Gear & Persona 4 Arena which I’ve had for about a year now and feel I’ve gotten decent in them. I decided to get back into SF and really learn the game because I wanted a different experience.

Now I’ve played a few matches with a friend of mine and realized just how different the game’s pacing is from any of the games I’ve played prior which threw my game off severely. Needless to say, I realized that the mentality that I’ve been so accustomed to for the past year won’t cut it for this game and that I want to improve.

I main Dudley because I like his fighting style and feel its something I want to learn. I also realized however that his distance is kinda poor and that he really needs to work to get in on his opponent.

I have a couple of matches of the friend I played with and will post them for critique after they’ve rendered and uploaded. But other than that, I just request some pointers.

EDIT: aaaaaand this is the vanilla forum…wonderful…can someone move this to the AE section?