New to Street Fighter


Good day SRK, I came here for advice on SF. I’ve played in the past but never really tried to learn how to play beyond a few basic inputs. The main fighting games I have played are Blazblue, Guilty Gear & Persona 4 Arena which I’ve had for about a year now and feel I’ve gotten decent in them. I decided to get back into SF and really learn the game because I wanted a different experience.

Now I’ve played a few matches with a friend of mine and realized just how different the game’s pacing is from any of the games I’ve played prior which threw my game off severely. Needless to say, I realized that the mentality that I’ve been so accustomed to for the past year won’t cut it for this game and that I want to improve.

I main Dudley because I like his fighting style and feel its something I want to learn. I also realized however that his distance is kinda poor and that he really needs to work to get in on his opponent.

I have a couple of matches of the friend I played with and will post them for critique after they’ve rendered and uploaded. But other than that, I just request some pointers.

EDIT: aaaaaand this is the vanilla forum…wonderful…can someone move this to the AE section?


…So is anybody gonna reply at all?


You’d best start off with the stickied posts in the newbie section, as they have some pretty solid information on things you can improve on in your gameplay, as well as general game mechanics. If you want specific Dudley pointers, you’re best off going to the Dudley section and reading what they have there and applying it to your own gameplay.

So unless you have specific questions or a match video we can watch, it’s difficult to give general advice.


This forum moves slow, hold your horses.

As eltrouble said, look at the stickies in the newbie section, the video tutorial thread is useful. You should also check out VesperArcade’s tutorial videos too.


Thanks for the reply guys, I guess I’ll stick to the Newbie forum and Dudley, but I am making progress. I only wish my Laptop ran this game better, or I might just get it on PS3 eventually.


In general learn the range of your characters normal moves, do expect full-screen machine gun blows to hit and learn is crouch light punch to standing heavy kick, his target combos are cool but their not practical.


Read, Practice, Play, Read, Practice, Play, Read, Practice, Play