New to Street Fighter



I’m a prime beginner in Street Fighter. I’ve been watching tournaments videos for a long time and I fiddled with Street Fighter a little bit. Now that Ultra is coming out soon, I’ve decided to get serious. I just bought an arcade stick, because I feel like i’d be handicapped with an xbox controller.

I’m no beginner to fighting games tho. I’ve entered tournaments in Soul Calibur 5 and I know I’m pretty good at that game, but I love to watch Street Fighter videos and it looks so fun.

After watching some videos, I’ve decided to focus on Yang, not necessarily main him. He seems interesting and I wanna figure him out. and plus it seems like he’s getting buffs in Ultra.

Any beginner tips or footage that you guys can give me? What’s his good/bad MU’s?


Have you played any 2D fighters? Or is this your first?


Well I mean I’ve definitely played 2D fighting games before, just not competitively


Get used to the system first. This would go for any character. Skip over what you don’t need. Here’s a few things I’d suggest you get used to:
-Special moves. It’ll take a bit to get used to the motions for rekkas, for ultras, and for DPs. Both sides.
-Special cancels. Yang mainly special cancels from his,, and In USF4, he’ll also cancel from
-Chain cancels. Yang’s main chain cancels are his target combos. Chain cancels are something you can mash out, and not have to time., s.hp, b+hp is Yang’s main used one in footsies and a Seiei-Enbu starter.,, is scarcely used, but it has some interesting follow-ups (i.e, ex DP in corner).
-Links. Yang’s main links are,, xx rekkas; cr.lp, s.lp, xx rekkas; and, xx rekkas (in order of difficulty, roughly). Muscle memory for this, but links are things you have to time (rather than just mash). For the set, get used to pressing for this. Muscle memory, again. It protects against throws.
-Plinking. the, link is a 1f link (1/60th of a second). Hard to hit. Plinking is a way to abuse SF4’s combo system. There’s a lot of youtube tutorials for it, but it basically makes the system give you an extra frame of leniency.
-Crouch teching. Easy to understand. Hitting throw prevents you from being throw. Hitting down+throw makes you stick out a, but also prevents you from being throw.
-FADC. When you hit certain moves, you can expend 2 bars to cancel into a focus attack and dash cancel. You want to learn this for DP (particularly LK), mp palm, and for hp rekka, hp rekka FADC.
-Option selects. I put an easy set of option selects in the Questions thread. Check it out.

Make sure you get some basic knowledge of the system (when does a reversal happen? What are the properties of normals/specials?), and then look towards things like optimizing combos, footsies, and similar.


Thank you. Coming from a 3D fighting game, it’s gunna take a lot longer to get used to.


It appears you have the right mindset to get down and dirty with the game. You have to have a natural passion for street fighter (and fighting games in general) to really fight through the “walls” you will hit on your journey. We have all been there and I am sure you have experienced this playing soul caliber.

I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but Yang is a difficult character to use. Its not his execution that makes it difficult but you need to be able to make good reads on the opponent early and make a lot of correct guesses as mistakes are punished quite heavily with Yang. Even after making the correct guesses, Yang’s damage output really isn’t ideal.

However, I do believe once the experience with Yang is acquired over a period of time, Yang can become a force to deal with and has tools to deal with pretty much any situation. I have so much fun playing and learning Yang and I am sure you will too.


Ahh I understand he’s the inferior in Yun, but playing ‘low tier’ characters make it more fun. I main Xiba in Soul Calibur 5 and he’s considered low/mid tier. Yang just seems like a fun character to play.