New to street fighter


I have like 500 ranked matches online and only managed to win like 80 times…(atleast on pc, have it on ps3 aswell) This game is becoming way to frustrating to learn, and it seems that there are no one out there on the same level as me. I am trying as hard as I can to get good at it, but I just can’t seem to progress no matter how hard I try. I look up character data, frame data, bnbs, strategies etc. but it gets me nowhere. Is it just impossible for someone to learn it no matter how much time they spend? I know I really like this game, and dont want to throw away all the hours ive spent trying to learn it, but I feel like ive hit rock bottom. So basically my question is, what do you do when you just cant seem to progress anymore? I only have like 300 PP


(1) Do not obsess over PP. It is not an accurate gauge of a person’s skill. I am also just starting out in this game and have played against plenty of people who gained “rank” simply by choosing a character that other lower skilled players have trouble against.

(2) You have to be able to handle losing a lot when you are starting out. There are a lot of people out there that have been playing this far longer then you (and I). Just make sure you come from your matches with the knowledge of what you did or didn’t do and work on fixing the problem (practice in training, asking for pointers/advice, watching videos).

(3) Some people just aren’t meant to play this game. If a person comes out constantly losing to the same thing over and over without learning something or working to better them self, then they probably should not being playing.

I play on the PC version under the same name as here if you want to look me up. As I said, I am just starting out as well.


ah nice, wanna play some matches?


I’m also available if you wanna play a bit. Still new and only have about 400 matches.

I find mindset is really the most important thing in this game - not letting losses get to you at all and managing to recognise exactly what you’re slipping up at helps a ton. Also just having a few regular people you can practice with helps a lot, especially if they’re similarly skilled to you so you can get -some- wins in to get your confidence back up.


500 Matches are just a drop in the bucket, You are playing against people who have put years into it. Relax, pick one aspect of the game at a time and get better at it, then move on to the next aspect. Notice I don’t say master, just improve.


Everyone has been giving good advice I think. Just to add my 2c, I’ve recently started playing again, and perhaps I’m at the 500PP level now, so around your level. Even moving from, say, 200PP to 500PP though makes the game more fun, because, at least on xbox, you often get matched with players that you feel like you have a chance winning against. When I had 200PP I felt like I had no hope most matches. I used to have about 800PP when I played a couple years ago. That was pretty fun—even though I still sucked objectively, my win rate was probably almost 50% because there were a lot of similar players. So anyway, you just need to get a bit better for playing online not to be a depressing experience.

About improving, like previous posters said, you should realize what you’re doing wrong first. You say you look up character info, frame data, etc., so you’re probably already good at that.

For me I’m just doing a lot of stuff wrong, for instance I’m free to jump-ins, even when I expected them, because my srk would not come out. I wasn’t sure what to do about that (I could do it in training room), so I just kept playing. Now I notice my reflexes are improving and I’m able to srk on time more (but still not consistently), or at least know when not to srk. I think there’s no way to figure out how to get better reflexes, you just keep playing and hope they improve.


i doubt people with 200 pp have several years of experience :stuck_out_tongue: But what do I know xD I feel like the problem is that my attacks rarely gets priority. I don’t what I do wrong, but when i play ryu’s cr. roundhouse is apperantly faster than cammy’s cr medium kick :confused:


Just so you know, it is.


Oh, I just noticed I mixed up the frame data, I know see that cammy’s cr MK has 6 startup and ryu has 5 startup on his cr HK. Isn’t that really unbalanced? If not care to explain why? Is it so that cammy needs to have slow normals to be balanced? Maybe I should pick another character…


No, it isn’t. Cammy’s is special cancelable into spiral arrow which leads to a soft knockdown which allows her to run setups, plus gives her a one-two combo that breaks focus at poking range like Ryu’s xx fireball does. It’s also -2 on block, which is very safe (unpunishable by most characters)

Ryu’s sweep is fast, but it’s also -14 on block which is roughly equivalent to being helpless for ten million frames. You can choose whatever punish in the world you want and it’ll work, pretty much. It’s also uncancelable, so it can just get focus absorbed and then punished with focus release. That’s why Ryu plays footsies with instead of his sweep, which is largely reserved for punishing the opponent’s mistakes (which it is very good at because it’s fast, trivial to execute and has a lot of range). It’s why Akuma’s nerfs coming into Ultra hurt him a lot - his isn’t as good as Ryu’s so he used his sweep as his main poke. That got nerfed and now he lacks a strong poke in many matchups.

Also, 6f startup isn’t horribly slow either. 5-6f startup is pretty much par for the course for a long, low poke. But the thing to take home is that every good move (and some bad ones too) has a purpose. See what the move enables your character to do, not if someone has a different one with a different purpose that has better data somewhere. Cammy’s allows her to poke safely, break focus at midrange and starts up her offense for no meter consumption. That’s a lot of good stuff, no?


A six frame start up isn’t ‘slow’, it’s just not as fast as Ryu’s low roundhouse. There’s a host of factors that make Ryu’s low roundhouse a balanced move when compared to other character’s normal moves, and Ryu’s low roundhouse itself. Personally I don’t think you can put two different moves of two different character’s under the microscope and have a discussion about balance because balance (as it implies) takes into account everything and attempts to even the scales across the board.

Basically what I’m attempting to say is that: yes, Ryu’s sweep is a ‘good’ move, but that subjective opinion doesn’t make Cammy’s low forward an objectively ‘bad’ move; even when compared directly with it. The reasons are numerous but they include active frames, advantage on hit, whiff recovery . . . etc. Take a look at those numbers and tell me you don’t see a different type of balance going on.


I’d like to play with you. I added you on Steam, so message me whenever you feel like playing a set. I could always use more people my level to practice on.


Thanks for all the answers guys! :smiley: I really appreciate all the tips and explaining! I’m new to this game so I guess I’m a little ignorant on many things :stuck_out_tongue: I know I can cancel into spiral arrow or cannon spike, but i really find it easier to hit confirm with another move before using a special. All her specials are kinda unsafe to use so if he blocks my cr Mk. Or is there a way to know if he blocks or not and then cancel into a special?


As a general rule you’re not going to hit confirm off of a single hit like Cammy’s low forward. What you often see is two or three jabs/shorts than a special cancel-able move like low forward/low strong and than a special. So for example:

  •, cr.lp, xx HK spiral arrow


  •, cr.lp, st.lp, xx HK spiral arrow

That’s how you learn to “Know if he blocks”, you hit him enough times with quick moves for the imagination machine to register the hits and than continue into a heavier normal and cancel a special off of it. Although it’s already been pointed out but a good way to practice this is to have a couple combos to practice and set the dummy in training mode to random block in the settings and execute the combo and practice recognizing the confirmed hits and the confirmed blocks, you’ll finish the combo if it hits and do something else (safe) if he blocks.


On cammy the hitconfirm I’ve been practicing is cr.lp, xx spiral arrow. There are three normals before the special so you have plenty of time to see if the first one hit. It’s also a two frame link so not so hard to do. Cammy’s crmk on the other hand is only +1 on hit, so you can’t really confirm it into a special—you just have to decide whether to input the special before you see the crmk hit.


You would be surprised, with both ae2012 and now Ultra while doing the C to C achievement my PP will often drop below 200 while learning a new character, because you lose ALOT learning a new character. I have been playing Street fighter on and off since Street Fighter 1 (I’m 40 yrs old) so I would say I have several years experience