New to the arcade stick help

I just bought my first stick about 3 weeks ago and im having trouble.
People say its much easier on a stick but i say BULL****! I cant do any thing on it especially on the p1 side. Its slighty easier on the p2 side but still HARD! p1 side is raping me hard, am I holding the stick wrong or what? O and I play 3s

Practice, Practice, and more Practice.

I’m sure in 2 or 3 weeks u will be completely able to do most of the basic stuff

Took me months to even start to get comfortable with it, so just give it time. Certain things are much easier to do consistently on stick. There’s just a lot more room for error at the start. The way you’re holding it could definitely work against you though. There are a lot of different ones, but I generally notice about 4 standard ones with slight variations depending on the person.

Some different holds: - Jiro (Middle and ring, pinky underneath - thumb on right) - Pierrot (Index and middle, pinky underneath - thumb on right) - Roshihikari (Wineglass - holding it from the bottom between middle and ring finger) - Raoh (Wineglass, but he switches his hold depending on which side he’s doing motions on) - Otochun (From on top) - Tsuji (Wineglass variation) - ARG (Similar to Jiro) - Muteki (Index and middle - thumb on top)

I hold mine kinda like Pierrot. Find whatever’s comfortable for you.

Stuff like this belongs in tech talk


I felt the same way you did,but I stuck with it and I found it is much easier to play with. Just gotta practice man.

HEY! Kyokuji gave some GREAT tips. I hadn’t thought that much about the grip itself, but I was just thinking of techniques to DO specials, supers, combos, etc. I made a similar thread about execution, and it’s mostly for 3S, since we fortunately play the same game :slight_smile: Having the links to vids/pics that include their actual hand positioning was a great idea, as well as the descriptions.

HOWEVER, I find that HOME joysticks usually SUCK, and the arcade stick is the best. I talked to some pro players and they can’t seem to agree on which console sticks are the best: even the Capcom Anniversary stick! :frowning: I play in So. Cali so I have enough w/ control issues as is (frequent breakdown of the sticks, failing buttons, etc.; perhaps from overuse and/or little kids mashing on the controls!). Custom sticks are the same. Even WORSE is that spending money on them is risky. I fortunately got to test out some–as well as custom sticks my friends made or bought–but they’re ALL harder for me to adapt to than the arcade stick, and that was hard enough. I used to be a D-PAD player, and I take it you were/are also?

Just let us know what problems you’re having so we can try to help. If you are having trouble w/ execution at any/all levels, lemme know and I can give you some suggestions that MIGHT help :smiley:

I feel your pain man. I haven’t even got a stick yet…but when I play at the arcade its like my hands don’t know where to go because of the layout. But I can’t say I dont like it better.

Just wait till you get to that special stage where you can’t do shit on pad or stick.

Not really. He’s not building a stick. He’s talking about playing fighting games on sticks.

As for that…if you’ve played on a pad your whole life, you’re not gonna be able to play everything on it. I’ve been playing on a stick about a year now, and I can play SNK and Street Fighter games on them…but I absolutely can’t do anything in GG or 3d games on a stick.

Hahahaha. I remember that one. Almost stopped playing altogether.

Stick is better. Took me about 8 months to be able to do everything consistently. Learning stick is not nearly as fun as you thought it would be. Just stick with it. It allows you to learn a lot of things faster than you would be able to on a pad. Once you get used to it, nobody could pay you to go back to pad. Sticks are so much more responsive. If you want it bad enough, you’ll learn it. No worries. Everyone told me it would take a couple weeks to make the switch and after a couple months I still hated it. But its all good now.

aw man, i’m just almost past that stage where i can’t do shit on stick or pad. Hopefully, 2 more weeks… I hold it from above. Like SpellmasterJ!

That was an excellent post, what a great collection of vids you had to hand. i hold my stick like Tsuji.

When i first started learning stick i used to play online until i was pissed off at losing at switch back to pad. After i’d won a couple i’d switch back to stick.

Eventually a point came where i would switch to pad and find there’d be no difference in my skill. My stick skill had increased as much as my pad skills had decreased. Now i can’t really play well on a pad and that suits me fine.

i’ve made the switch from pad to stick a year ago. some things that were hard for me on stick but extremely easy on pad were super motions. i had to learn a different motion that helped me a LOT! if supers are giving you trouble then try doing them in a 360 motion but just around the down and forward input area. i found this to be much easier and can do it every time i want to pull out a super.

certain things are definitely better on stick then on pad. kara’s, charge partitioning, and 360/720’s. playing on a custom stick compared to a cabinet stick are very different. anyways, good luck on learning stick

Sticks are so much better than it is worth it even if you have a D-pad background. Just play, play and play on it and you will get the rewards later on.

dashing was a killer to learn, easpecially to the left. i never did learn to shoshosho on the 2p side. :frowning:

This gets asked so often we should probably make a sticky.

Yea man I felt the same way as you, you just gotta stick with it!

A sticky? Stick with it? >_>

But yeah, I have friends who are just learning to use a joystick. I think the biggest thing to watch out for is how you hold the stick. You don’t really need to move your forearm too much. It’s mostly in your wrists. Of course, this also depends on what kind of stick you’re using.

If you’re having a lot of trouble, trying changing the way you hold your stick. Find a method that’s both effective (in that you can perform motions easily) and comfortable for you.