New to the Arcade Stick, quick question

I recent bought the Round 2 TE fight stick and am now on day 2 of trying to get used to it. I understand it can take awhile to get used to but my question is regarding the Left Stick and D-pad toggles. Which is do you prefer? I understand it’s all preference and I originally found the left-stick the better when I had just got the stick, but now I’m messing around with the d-pad setting and thinking it prefer it as it allows me to get Ultra’s off quicker.

So just curious to see what you all use so I don’t end up training the incorrect way. Thanks.

Supposed to use DP, not LS.
It is not preference.

Everyone uses DP, not because can, but because have to.

You can use either DP or LS, it doesn’t matter.

To answer OP’s question… I find that Left Stick feels a bit sloppy whereas the D Pad setting is more precise. I personally use D Pad.

You’re supposed to use d-pad. Like jdm714 said, it’s not personal preference – that’s the way it should be played. The internal components of an arcade stick are, fundamentally speaking, exactly like a d-pad: four microswitches that correspond to up, down, left and right, just like the internal components of a d-pad. You’re right that d-pad mode lets you get Ultras off quicker: using it with the left stick setting is gonna cause some wonky dropped inputs when you start trying more complicated, faster commands. LS option is only included so people can play things like Soul Calibur with an arcade stick; for any game that isn’t Soul Calibur you should use the d-pad setting.

Alright, thanks a lot everyone. I will stick with the D-pad then. Appreciate the quick replies.

The LS and RS are probably there only because for a lot of other games left and right stick are pretty crucial, and if you should just so happen to be playing them with the arcade stick (I don’t know why you would), you can toggle among LS DP and RS in order to navigate through the games. But if you’re playing Street Fighter, you should only be using DP, not because “everyone does it,” but because LS and RS are supposed to replicate analog sticks, which themeslves are supposed to replicate certain movements (which is why they’re good for flying games, fps–games that require some type of camera/FOV movement). They’re not meant to be precise direction inputs, whereas you need precise direction inputs for serious fightings games like SF. Try this in training mode: put it on LS and move the stick forward or back, and then back to the neutral position, you see that the character still moves for like a second. With a game were spacing is crucial like in SF, that isn’t gonna fly.

I suppose that’s why people most people don’t like along sticks even on pads, although I find the sticks on pads to be good enough for the job that using the dpad or the left stick would be a matter of preference.

@Blaise: You got it. I’ve played some retro games from the XBLA that for some bizarre reason wanted the stick instead of the d-pad (possibly because the dpad SUCKS), so I gotta flip that switch over to LS for those games.

D-pad all day, eveyrday.