New to the BB game and curious about tournaments

i am going to get to the point. Ive played BB at AI (arcade infinity in cali) and it was…different. but i loved it. anyways, i work at a LAN CAFE in venice cali and we just hosted our first sf4 tournament. So i was wondering how big the community for BB is in the greater los angeles and how many would be open for a console tournament in Venice CA. any input is greatly appreciated. :pray:

This doesn’t really need it’s own thread.

General Discussion would make more sense

Honestly, if you are looking for a specific areas interest I would check out their subsection in the regional portion of the website. Maybe you’ll find some people here, but for specifics you are going to get better results there.

tyvm will look into it

Yeah, what Flam. said there. I know a bunch of people who play from Cali. I know of three right off the top of my head, a really good Tager, weak Litch., an average haku/Bang.

Bang/Haku is the winner of his area’s EB games SF4 tourney.

yea i just posted there. thanks for the info flam. and yea. i want to d a BB tourny coz i like the game even im not good i love taokaka and i wana see what the good players can do since the game is really freestyle. and im going to be holding a sf4 tourny again since the first one was good. just going to put more thought into it this time.

Why not show up to WestCoast Warzone this weekend in Irvine? It’s free for spectators and will probably the biggest gathering of BB players you’ll get to see for a while…

sadly im working. i wanted to go. i saw the post and filers at AI.