New to the forums and stick building!

hello everybody, my first time ever posting so please forgive me if this is in the wrong section. Based off of other posts that I have seen this seems like the right place to be. I Just recently starting getting into fighting games when Injustice came out, and have been playing a lot of MKX for Xbox one. I use a Qanba Q4 stick with a CronusMAX adapter, and I am starting to really wear this thing out. Its time for an upgrade but I am at a standstill. I want to know if from anybody if you think that I should…

A. start out by modding the stick i currently have, replacing the stick, buttons, and art… gaining my experience that way…


B. start out building one from the ground up, that way if there is a unforeseen problem I will still have my Qanba to fall back on…

I am stuck with this decision before I dive into my first project and any suggestions and opinions are appreciated. Thanks for looking…

  • Brody - (XBL: Mr RaWwgers)

Welcome to Tech Talk.

Before I suggest one course of action or another its best to go over the basics

Read up on , the website is a little dated now but the basics hasn’t changed.
It is a good resource and considered required reading here.

The other is familiarizing your self with the Info thread.

The Intro thread also have this great tip on how to use Google to search the forums.

Most of the guides, work logs, FAQs and considered important threads and resources are linked there. So it serves as a index for Tech Talk.

The Absolute Question and Answer Thread is great if you got some questions.

Hang Out Loud Thread, affectionately known to many as B.U.T.T.H.O.L.E. is where many of the regulars have discussions that don’t belong anywhere else and its often us just shooting the shit.

When it comes to modifying a existing controller for Xbox One or building a new controller for Xbox One try the following threads

just realized this should probably be in the Q&A thread… go easy on me lol

Its cool, I was trying to give you the grand tour.