New To The Forums. (General Advice?)


Hello everyone, firstly my PSN is FGC-Oni if some of you are interested in helping a dedicated Oni main level up his game. I’m relatively new to USF4 or SF4 in general. I know the game is probably on it’s last legs. I’m years behind of everyone else, and while I don’t plan of becoming a top EVO competitor. I do enjoy the game and have a desire to be a better player. Since I’ve first acquired the game I’ve pretty much played Oni exclusively. I’ve done trials with the all the other characters and have a basic concept of what to expect in matches. Starting with Oni probably wasn’t the smartest choice. But I’m familiar with all the basics such as normals, combos, zoning, footsies, ETC. I’ve watched many a tutorial but I still struggle online. I play pad and have a wireless connection. I can’t really do anything trying to switch to wired although I doubt it’d make much of a difference at my level of skill.

From 1/10 I’d say I’m a 4.5 I still make execution errors in game. Also, against really good players they either shut me down completely with insane offense or literally no approach I take allows me to get a hit let alone capitalize of damage.

Any and all advice is welcome.


Just curious, can you tell me how many hours you’ve put in and about how many PPs you have online? I have about 400 PP and a few hundred hours so I’m wondering how slow I am compared to other people.

BTW, I don’t think the game is on its last legs. People are still playing SF2, I’m sure a lot of people will be playing this game online until SF5 comes out.


I play about 4 days a week, have been for the past three months. Although my PP is an abysmal 351. Most players are pretty cutthroat, and while I can pull of combos, FADC cancels, ETC. In training mode, in an actual match I still make execution errors such as trying to defend in a fireball fight. I’ll miss an input for a fireball or screw something else up. The majority of players I’ve faced tend to play pretty aggressively but I struggle to maintain any sort of momentum despite the fact I practice, read, and watch videos of Oni or just general SF4 fundamentals.

EDIT: When I do play it’s usually for 3-5 hours straight.


That’s a joke right? That’s mostly what everyone’s playing right now due to the release of the Ultra update, whether people like it or not. (you’ll get what i mean when you integrate yourself more into the community, and release how powerful the name “Capcom” is) sigh*

What makes you think Oni is a bad beginners choice, who told you that? He’s a great choice, he has all the options you need to win, solid normals, a big arsenal of special moves, and is a cool looking character in general. His execution requirements outside of FADC combos (even then) aren’t tough at all, he can still do solid damage with just… let’s see… cl. st. MP - back HP target combo into Fierce Tatsu/Shoryuken and who the rest is up to you to find, easy right?

Playing wireless, and on PSN? Playing on PSN is a no no, the net code is bad compared to the wonderful 360 version online, but if that’s what you got it will do. Sorry if i sound 100% biased, but it’s true, i own the game on all 3 platforms, and most player can agree. But don’t think too hard into what i’m saying, PSN is fine. It’s just that playing on a wireless connection is NOT. It’s just not as reliable as a wired connection for obvious reasons. But if you really HAVE TO, then just let it rock then.


I’ve been seeing mixed opinions all over the place on the character. I’m familiar with all his basic BnB’s, normals, my problem is utilizing them properly during a match.


So I guess the consensus is just to keep practicing and getting bodied online?

  • General stuff:
  1. You didn’t really ask a direct question, so it’s kind of hard to give you a direct answer.

  2. If you’re looking for matchmaking, try the PSN matchmaking section. The newbie dojo is for gameplay advice.

  3. You’re much better of finding people local to play with than learning online. Not only is playing in a lag-free set up much better, they can they give you direct feedback on the spot. But yeah, you probably just need a lot of match making experience.

  4. Wireless is garbage :confused: Running ethernet cable is kinda ugly, but PS3 wifi pretty much blows. Is there really nothing you can do?

  5. Don’t worry so much about PP/BP. PP/BP doesn’t really give you specific enough information to be particularly useful. If you’re serious about stats, keep a spreadsheet of your wins and loses per matchup.


2 weeks ago I was lucky to maybe win 1 out of every like, 50 matches.
Now I’m maybe hitting 1/10.
Progress is painfully slow since this is a niche genre with a lot of people who are REALLY skilled and have years of experience, but just flat out persistence and training yourself not to let the frustration of losing get to you.


I feel like I must be getting really lucky on SSF4 while I’ve been playing. Or everyone who was even good to begin with have migrated to USF4. My win/loss is actually fairly decent I feel. Maybe 4 wins, 6 losses in a group of ten matches.

  1. That’s what I meant I’m familiar with the basics of the game. But where should I look to improve on my skills

  2. I live in Las Vegas, so I guess the scene in NV

  3. Yea my router is located in another room which I’m unable to connect my system too. Though to date I haven’t really noticed any major lag during a match.

  4. I know I really shouldn’t care but my Rank/Points do kinda matter to me :slight_smile:


Playing in person will help you improve best without having to wait for tedious typing or end of set feedback.

From my understanding Vegas has a good scene, find those local meet ups even if you can only do it once a month. It puts what you’ve been practicing into practical situations and helps validate or invalidate them.

You probably don’t notice lag because you’re inexperienced and play against people mostly online. You will get away with stuff online because it’s unreliable to punish or you won’t be able to punish things you should be able to. Packet loss with wifi is a very real thing, inputs will be dropped and P3 is not helping.

The points system is a pretty significant false indicator because of a lot of the above mentioned factors. When I played SFIV, I was able to get all characters to “C” rank within a couple of weeks based on fundementals alone. You’ll learn better fundementals offline and that will help you increase those online points by proxy. Really though, they don’t matter.

  1. it’s probably just because you’re new/don’t have much offline experience. wifi sucks for gaming in general.

  2. why?