New to the forums; Quick intro

Hi SRK people,

First off, sorry if this post isn’t in the right spot. If anyone knows of a specific “introduce yourself here” thread that I haven’t seen and want to redirect me to feel free to let me know.

Anyway, I’ve been lurking this forum for a long time [mainly while I’ve got down time at work] so I finally got around to not being a lazy shitter and made an account. So with this post I mainly just wanted to say hello to everyone. I hope to enjoy engaging in some fun/interesting discussions on these forums and learn how to git gud.

Wanted to give a quick shoutout to @SoVi3t and @Alexisdabomb for making me laugh constantly. I see a lot of quality comedic posts made from you two, as well as from a lot of other cool people on here that I didn’t mention.

Feel free to add me or say hi if you happen to see me on any fighting games based off of the gamer tags I’ve posted below in my signature. I’m really looking forward to meeting more fighting friends and be a part of the SRK community outside of just lurking.


Louis made a new friend!!

@“Shadow Ace” Check it out, brah. Got these for Christmas and put them up in my loft.

(I know what thread I’m in.)

Since I’m currently at work I can’t see what that image is. I hope it’s funny though!

No shoutout for @BeGuiled DAFUQ

I haven’t actually seen any of his posts. I should’ve put in a shoutout for you though man you’re also someone with some hilarious posts.

That’s a burn.


If you havent seen a beguiled post you havent lurked hard enough

Nickrocks, the self-proclaimed king if 09’ers didn’t get a shout out. That’s cold breh.

Where do people get the idea that this is common practice to do intro threads on online forums?


Back in the early to mid 2000’s when I was a part of smaller forums that my friends would make, if we found new people to make friends with and we told them about our forums we would ask them to do intros so we could get to know each other a little better or at least say hi.

I haven’t really been part of a traditional forum system in a long time so I figured I’d try to go back to those roots instead of being a random poster as if this were the same as 4chan or Reddit or something.

The forums here look and feel more like those cozier forums of earlier days, mixed in with modern day topics/humor/opinions. I just figured I’d try to get to know more people by making a thread instead of just randomly popping into threads where I have no idea what’s going on.

Here on srk you just start posting, ignore the comments of “who dafuq is this guy” until theres someone newer than you

Saw this in the bathroom at work.

…Because, $1.19 for a tallboy of Steel Reserve? Better just boost half a bottle of Listerine.

This is SRK, it’s like prison, walk in and beat up the biggest motherfucker you can take as soon as he looks at you funny.

So I just saw Star Wars:

Leia Dies.

Jar Jar Kills her.

Spock used the force on Jar Jar to manipulate him into pulling the trigger.


Hi there! You are most welcomed here!

Just run into these friendship pellets here! Catch as many you can!!!

17 replies to a “I’m the new guy” bot thread :astonished:

See you all niggas in the SRK prison shower.

I read this and immediately thought of Uncle Ruckus singing “Don’t Trust Them New Niggas Over There”.

To be fair, some of these replies are just me replying to posts so it’s not as many as you think.