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I would like to introduce myself. I’m an old school SFII player who recently downloaded the SSFII Turbo Remix for the 360 - and have found some tremendous games online. I was told about these forums - and I’ve since really enjoyed the insight that it’s members has to offer. I’ve spent alot of time reading posts - and it has been informative and enjoyable. I’m glad to be a part of it - and I thank the players that offer their knowledge through productive posting - along with entertainment through casual posting. I recognize many of the names here from the beta and I look forward to more battles as we near the release of the actual game.

As a player, I have several strengths - but also several weaknesses. I can perform special moves and combos as easily as I can hit a button. My favorite tactic is to throw a low short kick - and start the DP motion. If the short kick hits clean, I finish the motion and hit FP to finish the combo. If they block it, I cut the motion short and hit FP for a throw. It works well off a cross-up, in wake-up games, or after a whiffed attack. Although I play with the standard 360 controller, combos come pretty easy to me. What doesn’t come easy to me is patience or advanced strategy. Although I block on reaction pretty well, I can’t seem to stay crisp and play defensive. My defense really lacks sometimes - and I rarely seem to win long matches against strong players. Is it necessary that I learn to play defensive to improve - or should I just work on honing aggressive play? Any advice you have to offer me will be taken to heart and much appreciated.

I play for the intrigue. I prefer to play players that I can’t beat than have my ego stroked through easy matches. I think it starts with my opponent’s ability to punish. If I can make mistake after mistake - and still control a match then I’m not going to learn anything during that match. If someone becomes predictable or makes a mistake, it is necessary for me to take advantage and punish. Oddly enough, many players on the beta struggle to punish effectively. I look forward to the release of the full game because I have a feeling that will change on that day. If I punish - and my opponent punishes - the game will have the intrigue that I play for. Those games make the SFII beta the best gaming experience on the net for me. Looking at the names I recognize on these forums, the players here punish with impunity - which for me, makes it the place to be.

I look forward to more matches in the future and I apologize if this was posted in the wrong place.

– GAV60

Probably better in the GD section…good luck here, you’ll need it.

good luck enduring millions of threads full of terrible posts is what he means

its cool that you are an eager player wanting to step it up. not a lot of people really have that mindset

No offense to anyone… but why do people need to create introduction threads?

Some forums (mostly the really small ones) consider it to be polite to introduce yourself.
SRK…does not.

Too bad, nobody disses them anymore.

I believe about a year ago admins decided to start coming down on the intense flames newcomers would be submitted to.
I’m not 100% sure, I Just remember Wiz telling us not to do it anymore.

Why would you even want to flame a new comer. Give them some time to realize that everyone here are ass holes before sassing em on the spot. That’s the SRK way, mhmmm

They are broken down, to near nothing. Then we rebuild them. We have the technology. We can make them better, wittier, angrier.

No, just angrier.

Then they were nothing to begin with.

Actually, that way seems better. We got alot of new good posters when we initiated with flames… Unlike a battalion of spammers and morons that seems to come every year.

The way it was explained to me is it weeds out the morons.


If you post an introductory thread and don’t get flamed, its safe to say you posted it in a dead forum.
Its all good fellas. Thank for the welcome.

welcome to shoryuken you seem like an actual quality user also please tell us you don’t like 3rd strike

So when someone interested in the topic of the forum pops up and gets unwarranted abuse heaped on them it “weeds” out the morons? Not sure about that, though it certainly reveals them

It’s ok if you don’t agree, it’s not like your opinion matters really.

Right off the bat, you annoy me and I hate you. I’m going to beat you up!

That said, check out GGPO, some of the best players (in the world) are on there playing ST and other games daily. Comp is ridiculously good and netcode is even better than HDR.

Google “sirlin blog” and read his “play to win” articles. You will enjoy them a lot.

Finally, You gonna get beat up.

Nice. Thanks for the heads up.

Holla at me on XBL.